QUIK digest for the first quarter of 2021

5 april 2021

Q1, 2021

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, we would like to offer to your attention the digest of the main changes in QUIK products made in the first quarter of 2021.

New Modules

KASE FX Market trading interface

The new interface allows FX trading on the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange.

Moscow Exchange RFS mode of the FX Market program interface

The interface provides access to the Request for Stream (RFS) system of the Moscow Exchange FX Market and allows trading participants and their clients to forward large orders for highly liquid FX instruments.

New Versions of Software

For the full list of changes in QUIK software products, see the News on the company’s website.

Trading Interfaces

Moscow Exchange Securities Market (Main Market Sector) trading interface — 13.1.1

  • The interface was converted to 64-bit architecture (х64).
  • A possibility was added to set unlimited number of additional market data connections to the Exchange trading system.
  • Support is provided for a functionality to change passwords of the Moscow Exchange trading IDs.
  • ‘Change pr.close’ and ‘%change pr.close’ parameters are transmitted in the Quotes table with information about the change of the last trade’s price relative to the official closing price of the previous day.
  • The interface does not disconnect from the QUIK server in case of lost connection with the Trading system.

Moscow Exchange FX Market trading interface — 13.3

  • The interface supports trading boards to work with small lots.
  • There is a new class for transmission of trades executed in the RFS mode.
  • An option was added to change a currency code in instruments, orders, OTC orders, orders for transfer, trades, and trades for execution.

Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market) — 2.11 and 2.12

  • An option was added to forward market orders during an additional trading session.
  • There is a functionality for automatic order cancellation in case of a break in connection with the Interface and the exchange’s Trading system.
  • The interface supports a new ‘OTC: bonds’ trading mode as a separate instrument class of QUIK.
  • The version allows transmitting a new instrument type — ‘Investment fund shares’.
  • There is an option to set the frequency of the ‘Quotes’ table’s updates in the QUIK workstation (reduction of the load on server part of the system).

News and Market Data Interfaces

FIS Global Network market data interface — 6.7

Support is provided for options from OPRA (The Options Price Reporting Authority). For them, it is possible to transmit Level I and Level II quotes as well as ‘Time and Sales’ information on all trades.

Service Modules

Alert dispatch module — 3.7

There is an option to identify a language of sent alerts depending on the user terminal settings.

Messaging module — 1.7

The module allows using API to connect a third party chat system or a bot.

Support of Investment recommendations module in QUIK terminals

The Investment recommendations module is now supported by all QUIK user applications: QUIK workstation, web terminal webQUIK, mobile applications iQUIK X and QUIK Android X.

If this module is a part of the QUIK server configuration, a broker transmits to client terminals analytical or trading tips for clients to execute trades in a semi-automatic mode.

Infrastructure Solutions

OMS Manager module — 5.11 and 5.12

  • A new mode was added which allows keeping client positions for OMS operations with deactivated pre-trade control.
  • There is an option to keep client positions by trading codes using the ‘Entity’ filter which is an ID of the entity the client relates to, additionally set by the broker. 
  • It is possible to view and edit the Module’s directories via the interface in the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor. The innovation allows:

– administrating the Module via the Internet without direct access to the database,

– restricting access to the Module directories for specified users,

– providing users with rights to read or record directories.

Broker quotation system — 4.38 and 4.39

  • For instruments of the ‘Bonds’ type:

– an option was added to calculate a yield and ACI with account of coupon payment frequency,

– support of discount bonds is provided,

– the yield is calculated to four decimal places

  • The system allows deactivating cross trade checks for a specified list of clients.
  • It has become possible to display an extended REPO-M order entry form.

Market Data Export module — 6.10

  • A setting was added which keeps on trying to export data to the database (DB) in case of an error when making the first attempt. When the maximum number of attempts to export to one DB is reached, the export to other DBs will be continued without reconnecting to them.
  • The ‘Portfolio’ table transmits a portfolio price relative to a margin level.
  • A currency code is now transmitted for the ‘RMPriceRange’ table (Currency: Market risks parameters) and the ‘CCPPriceRange’ table (Market risks parameters).
  • A functionality was added to export placement parameters of the Bookbuilding module.

User Terminals

QUIK workstation — 8.12 and 8.13

Improvements related to the terminal’s work with the OMS Manager module:

  • the ‘New OMS order’ context menu item of the quotes table is now available for users with ‘Sales-trader’ and ‘Sales’ roles,
  • it has become possible to forward OMS orders by left mouse button double-clicking on the ‘Quotes’ table,
  • there is an expanded functionality to filter OMS orders — a new ‘Trade code filter’ was added to the ‘Client filter’ in the OMS orders table.

Improvements related to the terminal’s work with the QUIK Matching Engine (QME):

  • for QME auctions with the ‘Closed Standard Auction’ type, it has become possible to enter orders filtered by volume as well as choosing the ‘AON’ execution type,
  • there is a new negotiated order entry form for QME bonds which automatically calculates and fills in parameters based on other parameters specified by a user (price, yield, quantity, ACI, commission).

Other improvements in the terminal:

  • optimization steps were made to fill in a specialized order entry form (‘Trading’/‘Orders’/‘Entry forms’/‘Display mode’/‘Specialized’),
  • ‘User identification’ and ‘Change password’ dialogues were modified for their more ergonomic display,
  • the REPO-M order entry form for bonds in the Broker quotation system enables calculation and display of parameters of a REPO trade’s first and second parts as well as preliminary calculation of the trade’s parameters,
  • entry forms of negotiated and REPO orders acquired an option to examine a specified quantity for compliance with the instrument’s lot multiplicity.

webQUIK workstation — 7.5

  • There are modifications in the service for sending investment recommendations (if the Investment recommendations module is a part of the broker’s configuration):

– the ‘Exit recommendation’ button is always available when there is a position for the recommendation’s instrument,

– a limit order mode with a specified price of a chosen recommendation is set by default when opening a window to forward an order for the investment recommendation

  • The version allows forced activation of stop orders.
  • Characters of the entered password are now displayed in the authorization window.

Mobile terminals iQUIK X and QUIK Android X — 3.5

  • The versions have an option to check a price step when forwarding orders.
  • It has become possible to receive and display investment ideas (if the Investment recommendations module is a part of the broker’s configuration).


QUIK server software — 8.12 and 8.13

  • A new ‘Position price currency’ setting was added for correct calculation of the securities purchase price when the instrument is traded in several classes with various settlement currencies.
  • It is possible to set a scale of the broker’s commission depending on the client’s turnover for more than one-day-period (for example, for a month).
  • The server allows correct accounting of OMS operations when calculating client positions in cases of changed key OMS order parameters, order’s terminal status, and cancellation of trades.
  • It has become possible to deactivate settlements for negotiated trades and second parts of REPO trades on the date of execution of liabilities if the trades were executed with deferred settlements.


For all questions regarding the products, their terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

For all questions on operation of QUIK software, please contact QUIK Technical Support Team: +7-383-2191606, quiksupport@arqatech.com.

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