QORT software platform 

The QORT Software Platform is designed to create solutions that introduce end-to-end automation middle and back office operations of banks, investment and asset management companies.

Monitoring and managing positions and risks covering all markets and groups of participants, determining financial performance, automation of accounting operations, preparing reports, providing information about OTC trades to the National Settlement Depositary.


An automated middle office that provides monitoring and management of positions and risks for all markets and groups of participants, as well as calculation of financial performance broken down as required by a bank or investment company.



The middle office of asset management company capQORT is used for online position keeping and control of portfolios and portfolio groups that may be traded by several brokers it is also used for portfolio analysis, limit control and violation monitoring.



An automated back office designed to provide automation of accounting operations, electronic document management and preparation of various reports for an investment company or bank, including regulatory, client's and internal reports.



The system of depositary record keeping depoQORT ensures availability, movement, safekeeping and registration renewal for securities.

Components in the scheme

QORT Specifications

Software Platform Architecture

The platform is created in a three-level model for which the basic components are: the application server, database server, server components and client applications.


The platform features high performance in processing large volumes of information, general stability, and reliability of operation.


The QORT solutions can be scaled and developed further. The system can be scaled by separating functional tasks into server components and placing them on different servers.

Software and Hardware Requirements

Each of the software packages (midQORT, capQORT, backQORT or depoQORT) requires two servers with the following minimum requirements.

Integration with External Systems

There is a single universal tool to integrate midQORT, capQORT, backQORT and depoQORT software packages with external systems — the intermediate database (IDB).


The QORT platform ensures integrity and confidentiality of transferred data by using secure connection between the application server, client's workstation and server components.

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