New version of QUIK workstation — 8.12 released

26 january 2021

In the new version of the QUIK workstation, improvements were made which relate to the terminal’s work with the OMS Manager module:

  • the ‘New OMS order’ context menu item of the quotes table is now available for users with ‘Sales-trader’ and ‘Sales’ roles,
  • it has become possible to forward OMS orders by left mouse button double-clicking on the quotes table,
  • there is an expanded functionality to filter OMS orders — a new ‘Trade code filter’ was added to the ‘Client filter’ in the OMS orders table.

The changes also relate to a specialized order entry form (‘Trading’/‘Orders’/‘Entry forms’/‘Display mode’/‘Specialized’):

  • when changing a value of the ‘Quantity’ field by ‘up/down’ arrows, the field’s value is changed with account of the instrument’s ‘Lot multiplicity’ parameter,
  • ACI now takes account of a number of lots in the order,
  • when choosing the ‘Market’ feature on the order entry form for bonds, the ‘Yield’ field becomes blank.

Besides that, this version has modified ‘User identification’ and ‘Change password’ dialogues. Now they display a selected language and Caps Lock status. It is also possible to show/ conceal the password by clicking on the icon to the right of the password entry field.

quik8.12_en.png quik8.12_2en.png

The full list of changes made in the QUIK Workstation 8.12.

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