Prompted by our clients and using their expert reviews, ARQA Technologies creates new products, which then become a part of the standard software product line offered by the company.

The products can be developed on the basis of already existing company products (QUIK and QORT lines) or as an entirely new product. ARQA Technologies’ products can also be integrated with the software used by the client.

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Access to electronic trading platform SberTrade via QDealing


QDealing service for execution of OTC trades has been connected to the electronic trading platform SberTrade with firm OTC quotes from Sber and the bank’s counterparties.

All QDealing users can now view quotes and make transactions with some of the most liquid government and corporate bonds presented in the OTC liquidity pool of SberTrade by means of the standard QUIK terminal.

Implementation of a new trading infrastructure of Armenian financial market


QUIK software was installed as a key part (matching core) of the Armenia Securities Exchange’s (AMX) technological platform. There was a long preparatory stage before this large-scale project implementation, which included a detailed analysis of the exchange requirements. It resulted in a number of improvements of the QUIK system aimed to adopt it to the features and needs of the Armenian financial market.

Reporting based on ESMA requirements


ARQA Technologies completed a number of improvements in the back-office system backQORTб which allow automated forwarding of reports in accordance with requirements of ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority):

  • automated reconciliation with the FIRDS consolidated database of financial instruments with indication of assets to include into/exclude from obligatory reporting,
  • daily reports on transactions in the TREM format (by MIFID II requirements),
  • reports on transactions and reuse of collateral (by SFT requirements for obligatory reports on REPO and securities loans trades).

AI chatbot in Sberbank Markets system


ARQA Technologies took part in development of a chatbot of the online support interface of the Sberbank Markets electronic trading system and provided support for the chatbot functionality at infrastructure and interface levels. The chatbot employs Sberbank’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform which is able to process natural language and dialogue with clients. A chat module in the trading terminal is connected to the NLP platform. To start working with the chatbot, all the Sberbank Markets user has to do is send a question via the message window of the trading terminal.

Series of ‘QUIK from vendor’ webinars


Start of a joint educational project of ARQA Technologies and MOEX School to hold a series of ‘QUIK from vendor’ webinars where the company specialists tell about the main terminal functionality from first installation and setting steps to complex stop- and algorithmic orders and internal programming languages.

Specialized backQORT for Forex Dealers


A specialized version of backQORT for Forex Dealers developed in collaboration with ‘VTB 24 Forex Company limited’ is applied to the accounting of Forex Dealer’s operations, monitoring clients’ and own positions, downloading and accounting of a variation margin, commission calculation, and non-trade operation processing. All of the above is performed in conjunction with a front office system such as QUIK or any other front-office platform. Another feature of this specialized version is generation of reports for clients and a regulator in accordance with the regulatory criteria for such organizations.

Trading Central Newsfeed Interface


This QUIK server module was developed to deliver technical analysis data and trading tips from TRADING CENTRAL (a partner of the project) for all principal financial instruments. The Trading Central newsfeed interface monitors new messages and transmits them to the QUIK server, which in its turn delivers them to QUIK user terminals’ ‘news’ windows.

QUIK SOR (Smart Order Routing)


Over the last few years, solutions for Smart Order Routing (SOR) became widely used by participants of global financial markets, and many brokers employ this technology as one of their preferred trading strategies. Following this trend as well as requests from QUIK platform users, ARQA Technologies developed the Module of smart order routing QUIK SOR for automation of broker operations at several trading venues on the basis of the best execution.

QUIK Matching Engine (QME)


QME is a trading core for quick matching of the broker client’s orders forwarded in QUIK. The QUIK Matching Engine module can be used by brokers to set up electronic trading platforms and provide their clients with access to supplementary instrument classes.

Autochartist Program Interface


This program interface integrates QUIK workstation charts with services provided by Autochartist. The interface distinguishes such types of graphic models as chart patterns, Fibonacci figures, and key levels. The client’s component of the interface is integrated into the QUIK workstation starting with the version 6.4.

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