QUIK Workstation

QUIK workstation is the main user application of the software package that provides access to trading and market information in real time. It is designed as a desktop application that is installed on the user's PC and connected to QUIK server over the Internet. The features of QUIK Workstation depend on the QUIK server configuration, and user rights granted by the administrator.

The distribution package of QUIK Workstation, and installation guides are provided by the servicing broker. To become familiar with the basic functions of the application, try the demo-version of QUIK Workstation.


All information in QUIK workstation is displayed as windows: various tables and charts. To help position a large number of windows, the system features tabs — virtual screens that are activated by pressing on the labels located at the top edge of the screen. The linked windows mode allows using the same set of windows to view information on different instruments. The user can conveniently organise the windows on the screen and simply “switch” the displayed information. Built-in search and global filters allow finding the desired information quickly. Program actions may be launched by pressing hotkeys.


Obtaining information

One of the main features of the program is display of the exchange information in a near real-time. QUIK workstation allows monitoring current state of the market, including Level II Quotes, and the log of executed transactions. It also provides a means for receiving news from news agencies, and exchanging messages with the broker.

Charts and indicators

The trading behaviour is represented on charts. Charts in QUIK can be plotted for any market parameter using technical analysis tools, and displaying history of trade operations. The programme features over 30 technical analysis indicators, Fibonacci lines, angles and arcs, and allows for plotting trend, horizontal and vertical lines, graphic and text labels.

Executing Transactions

QUIK workstation allows the client to view the status of his own assets, create buy/sell orders for securities and submit them to the broker's server. The application provides rich functions for working with orders: easy way of entering and cancelling orders; pending orders (‘Transaction Pocket’) with their package placement into the trading system; conditional orders submitted to the system when a specific condition is met (stop-limit, take profit, if-done orders, etc.); import of transactions prepared in other programmes and some other operations. Orders can be entered from software by means of integrated programming languages as well as from a chart.

Standard functions of QUIK workstation makes it possible to configure so called scalper's level II quotes (quotes window view) allowing to quickly submit orders by using buttons on the toolbar or with drag-and-drop technologies.

Export and import of data

Integrated export mechanisms allow you to use the obtained data in other programmes such as user’s own databases, and systems of technical analysis. QUIK workstation allows you to export data to the following programmes: AmiBroker, Equis Metastock, Omega TradeStation/ProSuite 2000i, Wealth Lab Developer 3.0. Data on trades and any parameters of the trading session can be exported. Data can be exported both as ticks (i.e. for each transaction) and as candles (for a time interval). Data from most tables, including Level II Quotes table, can be exported into MS Excel or a database via DDE or ODBC.

Import of transactions is a possibility of connecting external programmes for automation of creation and submission of orders to the trading system. Import is implemented by means of exchanging data via text files or API.

QUIK workstation supports integrated programming languages.

Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Pentium 4 (2.0 GHz) or better.

1 GB RAM (4 GB is recommended).

2 GB available hard disk space.

Screen resolution at least 1024x600 pixels.

OS Windows (x64) Vista/Server 2008/7/Server 2012/8/10/Server 2016.

Use options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Demo access
To evaluate the capabilities and effectiveness of the programme, we recommend you to use free evaluation access.
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