New version of QUIK workstation — 8.13

23 march 2021

The released version of the QUIK workstation has new order entry forms for an auction mode in the QUIK Matching Engine module. The forms for auctions with the ‘Closed Standard Auction’ type allow entering orders filtered by volume as well as choosing the ‘AON’ execution type:


Also, there is a new negotiated order entry form for bonds in the QUIK Matching Engine module, where the following options are available:

  • to calculate and fill in a price based on a specified yield,
  • to calculate a yield based on a specified price,
  • the ‘Max’ button to calculate a maximum available quantity based on the client's current resources,

  • the ‘Volume’ field with a possibility to set the quantity based on the volume,
  • parameters with information about a commission and ACI.


The REPO-M order entry form for bonds in the Broker quotation system enables calculation and display of parameters of a REPO trade’s first and second parts as well as preliminary calculation of the trade’s parameters.


Entry forms of negotiated and REPO orders acquired an option to examine a specified quantity for compliance with the instrument’s lot multiplicity.

The full list of changes made in the QUIK Workstation 8.13.

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