About the company

The company's main business area is development and implementation of comprehensive technological solutions that automate operations of banks, investment and management companies as related to financial markets.

The company has developed a complete line of front-to-back solutions consisting of front office (QUIK), broker`s middle office (midQORT), middle office for asset management companies (capQORT), broker`s back office (backQORT) and broker`s depositary (depoQORT).

At ARQA Technologies, we keep our standards of interaction between business analysts, system analysts, developers, and testers at a high technological level.
Great importance is attached to operation of technical support services within the scope of QUIK and QORT projects. Currently, the company employs more than 190 people.

ARQA corporate presence

In addition to the development and maintenance of software products, ARQA Technologies provides outsourcing, hosting, and backup services of the QUIK system and its modules in the company's data centres in Moscow and London.

The main office of ARQA Technologies is located in Novosibirsk. A regional company office was opened in London at the end of 2013.


Over the 15 year period since its inception, the company has grown from a small regional software distributor into a major international technological vendor.


About 300 banks, investment and management companies, exchanges and commodity trading companies from Russia, CIS, and Western Europe employ our products and services.


Prompted by its clients and building on their expert review, ARQA Technologies creates new products, which go on to become part of our standard software product line.
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