Consultations and Testing

The current and potential clients of the company can use the audit service of QUIK and apply for free consultation and testing of software solutions. Remote presentations as well as presentations and consultations at the client's office are possible.

Audit services

  • Audit of trading infrastructure based on QUIK platform.

    Any trading infrastructure evolves from the moment of its launch in order to meet changing business demands, exchange requirements, new technologies, etc. The experience of building, transformation and optimization of QUIK based trading infrastructure as accumulated by the staff of ARQA Technologies who run the company’s own data centers will be invaluable for the purposes of such an audit.
  • Audit of configuration and settings of a QUIK platform in terms of business efficiency.

    ARQA Technologies has always been consulting its clients over a wide range of their current issues. Being very close to all the changes taking place in exchange platforms the company has vast experience in using its available software solutions for a variety of tasks. The company is ready to share its accumulated expertise by way of the new service — the audit of QUIK platform’s settings and utilization of its capacity to achieve the business targets of its clients.


Presentations are delivered via Zoom, specialised service for remote conferencing (webinars).

Principal points for discussion at the upcoming presentation are suggested in advance.


The following testing scenarios are available for ARQA Technologies products:

Using main types of user terminals (QUIK workstation, webQUIK, iQUIK X and QUIK Android X mobile applictions) connected to a training server of ARQA Technologies.

Current clients of the company can test QUIK modules and workstations in their own testing environment.

Modules and workstations of QUIK, midQORT, backQORT, capQORT systems can be tested in the testing environment of ARQA Technologies.

QUIK testing service is available in the technical centre of ARQA Technologies.


  • Configuration and optimization of the QUIK Software Package to address specific problems;
  • Configuration of the midQORT, capQORT, backQORT, depoQORT, scope and content of modifications required for implementation;
  • Projects of integration with external software systems.

A detailed commercial offer is provided upon request containing, in addition to the cost parameters of the solution, information about required hardware, third-party software, implementation stages, interaction etc.

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