ARQA Technologies has been developing comprehensive solutions and technologies for financial markets since 2000.

2019 Results
QUIK mobile and web-terminals branding
2018 Results

Development of brand new mobile terminals — QUIK Android X and iQUIK X.
2017 Results
Support European requirements MiFID II in company's technological solutions.
Release of depoQORT — the system of depository accounting.
2016 Results
Development of specialized backQORT for Forex Dealers.
2015 Results
Release of new software product — middle office of asset manager capQORT.

2014 Results
Development of software solutions for deployment and optimization of complex trading infrastructures.
Emergence of the new brand name for one of the company’s products — RISQ solutions — that brought together a variety of pre-trade control solutions for trading that deliver a broad functionality of risk mitigation and adaptability to various types of low-latency infrastructures.
2013 Results
Development of QUIK SOR (Smart Order Routing), a module for automatic order routing based on the “best execution” principle
Development of QUIK Matching Engine, a trading core for quick matching of broker's client's orders created in QUIK
Support of new trading modes (T+) on the Moscow Stock Exchange in all software products of the company

2012 Results
Development and certification of solutions for direct access to the LSE and UTP WSE trading systems
Support of two-tier access trading on the currency market of the Moscow Exchange
2011 Results
Development of Order Management System (OMS)
2010 Results
Ukraine office and Technical Centre opened in Kiev
Development of low-latency solutions with fast pre-trade control
2009 Results
Adaptation of the backQORT back-office solution for Ukrainian financial markets
First clients in Europe.
2008 Results
Adaptation of the backQORT back-office solution for Western markets.
A complete line of front-to-back solutions for automation of front, middle and back office operations (QUIK, midQORT, and backQORT).
Entry into CIS countries' markets (Ukraine, Kazakhstan).
Development of QORT, a platform for end-to-end automation of financial market operations.
Technical Centre opened in Moscow.
Access to western markets provided through partners' technological networks (SunGard).
Support of FIX protocol to connect QUIK to trading platforms of foreign brokers.
Provision of services on the basis of Technical centres (QUIK outsourcing and back-up).
The company joines the Committee on Information and Technical Support Services of Moscow Exchange.
First QUIK client applications for mobile devices.
Development of first solutions for risk management on financial markets (CoLibri).
Development of the webQUIK system working in a browser window without special programmes.
QUIK becomes one of the leading Internet-trading systems in Russia.
QUIK-Junior training trading system launched.
The company is founded on the basis of the Technical Management of the Siberian Interbank Currency Exchange (Novosibirsk).
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