QUIK OMS system

QUIK OMS* (order management system) performs the full cycle of clients’ order management including order entry, processing, routing, trading, reporting and client STP. The system meets the requirements of broker dealers in servicing institutional as well as retail clients. The system supports equities, fixed income, FX instruments and futures.

QUIK OMS consists of three software products: OMS Manager Module, Broker Quotation System and Algorithmic Trading Module. The core of the system is OMS Manager Module that automates interaction of its users via GUIs with adjusted settings. Broker Quotation System facilitates OTC trading. Algorithmic Trading Module allows execution of OMS-orders by way of algorithms available in the module.

Being part of a multifunctional QUIK OEMS, the system makes use of risk management functionality and connectivity available in QUIK. QUIK OMS may operate in conjunction with a QORT product — midQORT that serves for position keeping beyond a trading day, P&L calculation and reporting.

* MiFID II compliant

Order management and routing

  • OMS order database (global order warehousing).
  • Pre-trade control of OMS orders, freezing the client’s position on OMS order registration and remitting cash on booking (i.e. cash/asset transfer to/from client’s account).
  • Books delegation and order transfer between Traders.
  • Configurable interaction schemes between Sales and Traders.
  • Various order types – House and client OMS orders, limit, market, Good-till-date, Good-till-cancel and algo orders.
  • Monitoring and care order management — split, parent and child orders.
  • Various options for OMS order execution — on-exchange; off-exchange; via algos; via execution broker’s platform; via external algo-machine; via another OMS.
  • One QUIK OMA installation servicing several legal entities.

Market data

Мarket connectivity

  • Direct access to 12 trading venues, access via networks of technological partners to over 20 trading venues.
  • Access to exchanges and OTC platforms via execution brokers.
  • Flexible order routing setup.

Trading and processing

  1. On-exchange and OTC execution, execution via QUIK Algo Module or external algo machines.
  2. Setting up OMS classes for instruments with different trading and settlement rules and for management of user rights as to various instruments.
  3. Selection of a fully automatic execution mode for all OMS orders or a mode whereby a Sales person or Trader select an execution option (including automatic).
  1. Limit checking on user and client code level (by counterparty, available cash, instrument positions).
  2. ‘Fat finger’ control — size, price deviation, black list of instruments. Application of ‘strict’ and ‘soft’ restrictions.
  3. Trade audit and data archiving.


  • Inbound and outbound integrations with external systems via FIX — execution broker platforms, post-trade broker platforms, clearing and settlement systems.
  • Integration with client order collection systems (Bloomberg TSOX), broker networks (Bloomberg EMSX, Sungard Global Network), off-exchange trading venues (Bloomberg TSOX), other OMSs (Bloomberg AIM, TOMS и SSEOMS, Fidessa, QUIK (OMS2OMS), ULLINK).

User roles

  • Client — order submission (by voice, e-mail, FIX, or from QUIK Workstation). WheClients forward OMS orders from QUIK Workstation, they can change, cancel and review them in tables of OMS orders and trades. A FIX client and Trader may interact directly via FIX connection by means of FIX adapter program interface.
  • Sales — order registration, booking, tracking, change, recall and return for execution; fees and commissions setting; client reporting. Orders with incorrectly filled parameters are accepted and handled on exception basis.
  • Trader — care order management; on-exchange, OTC and algo execution. It is possible to combine the roles of a Sales person and Trader for one sole user.
  • Middle officer — access to any information and any operation, exclusive rights to change and cancel past OTC trades.

User terminals

  • Special forms based on standard ones for QUIK Workstation are used to work with OMS orders and trades for Clients, Sales and Traders.
  • ‘Hot keys’ designed for easy processing of OMS orders.
  • Internal system of alerting Clients, Sales, Traders on events relating to status change of OMS orders and trades.

Client form for OMS order:


Sales/Trader form for OMS order:



Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Intel Xeon E5504 or better.


50 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (x64).

DBMS Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016.

The indicated hardware and software requirements are minimal. With ample resources the interfaces may be installed on the same PC as the QUIK server. Any arising questions may be addressed to the QUIK Technical Support.

Use options

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