The system of depositary record keeping depoQORT ensures availability, movement, safekeeping and registration renewal for securities.

Main Features

Balance keeping

The system keeps accounting records of positions (balances) with regard to various depositary days.

Depositary operations accounting

The system ensures the keeping of ledgers, reference books and check-lists of financial instruments, places of safekeeping, issuers, depositors and their representatives.

Corporate event accounting

The system processes information on corporate events of financial instrument issuer for instruments entered in the depositary and takes into account position changes resulting from corporate events.

Income and disbursement accounting

The system features income and disbursement accounting in connection with corporate events and forms a list of such payments.

Document flow depoQORT

Preparation of incoming and outgoing documents, ledgers in accordance with applicable legislative norms and requirements of Statute 542-P.

Integration depoQORT

There are various ways of integrating depoQORT with external systems.

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