QUIK OMS — Sales&Trading

Classic OMS for sell side that provides clients with services of Sales&Trading.

Principal Features

  • QUIK OMS is part of global QUIK OEMS solution that includes extensive trading functionality, direct connectivity to over 30 trading venues, and full-fledged risk management of trading operations (RISQ solutions).
  • The solution automates workflows between Clients, Sales and Traders.
  • QUIK OMS corresponds to the functionality of sell side in serving large institutional and retail clients.

Solution Architecture

Markets and Instruments


  • Limit and Market orders, GTD, GTC, Stop-limit orders
  • Algo orders: Iceberg, Volatility, TWAP, VWAP, Spread
  • Global order warehousing. Real time order tracking, execution and partial fill notifications
  • Care order management — parent, splits, child orders
  • Collecting orders from other OMSes (buy-side or sell-side)


  • Pre-trade control of OMS orders
  • Sophisticated risk management of clients’ and broker’s positions
  • On-exchange, OTC and algo execution, incl. external algos
  • Real time P&L
  • Execution via another OMS

Post trade

  • Give-up management
  • Automated or manual booking
  • Netting of buy and sell transactions, reconciliation.
  • Multiple flexible settings for fees and commissions
  • Client reporting


  1. FIX protocol integration: with external sources of reference data and client info, settlement and payment systems, execution broker platforms, external algo machines, middle and back offices
  1. QUIK OMS fits into OEMS QUIK with its global connectivity, risk management, and client services


  • Flexible workflow between Clients, Sales, Traders, and Middle-officers
  • Can serve several entities from different jurisdictions
  • Compliant with standard requirements for information security
  • Can be deployed and used as SaaS
  • 19/5 client support service


For any question or request for presentation or test use, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department by phone +7 (383) 2191619 or email sales@arqatech.com.

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