New version of OMS Manager module — 5.11

21 january 2021

The following improvements were made in the released version of the OMS Manager module:

1. There is an expanded functionality to limit operations by OMS classes. A new mode was added which allows keeping client positions for OMS operations with deactivated pre-trade control. In this mode, a user is provided with a full set of options to change OMS orders, change and delete exchange and OTC trades independently of their status (‘confirmed’ or ‘not confirmed’).

2. An option was added to keep client positions by trading codes using the ‘Entity’ filter which is an ID of the entity the client relates to, additionally set by the broker. This improvement can be used when the broker’s client ID is more than 12 characters long and it is required to keep the position on the QUIK server. For such client IDs, it is possible to set a trading code and ‘Entity’ to perform position keeping on the QUIK server.

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