Back Office for Bank Operations

Purpose and Applications

An intermediate operational back office is to be implemented in the bank in the following situations:
  • increase in daily transaction volume,
  • a larger volume of transaction needs to be processed,
  • timely preparation of daily reports is required.

Modules and Services Used

Operating Principle

  1. The following functions are transferred to the backQORT back office:

    • on-line position keeping and performing internal analysis during the day;
    • preparing daily reports for the clients;
    • preparing reports for the financial market regulator;
    • calculating personal income tax for a period;
    • preparing daily trading limits for front office systems;
    • verifying data against reports of primary brokers, exchanges, and clearing organisations; 
    • providing a single information warehouse, unification of information flows for all operations.
  1. The main back office of the bank retains the following functions:

    • preparation of reports for the Central Bank;
    • integration with the accounting system, depositary, other internal systems.

Configuration Example

Problem — automation of back office operations in a bank, providing up-to-date information and reporting to clients and market regulators.

Software Services Lump sum Implementation, lump sum Monthly
Software ‘Broker`s back office backQORT’ (basic package)
License for creating one additional test copy
Purchase 100 o 26 o
Total 100 o 26 o
The functionality of the operational back office can be extended  by additional modules.


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