iQUIK X is a QUIK user application developed for iOS mobile devices.

A server component web2QUIK Module allows connection to broker’s QUIK infrastructure. The security of connection is ensured by SSL protocol encoding and two-factor authentication (available to brokers having Alert dispatch module in their configuration). There are options of authorization such as TouchID (with a fingerprint scan) and FaceID (with a 3D face scan).

The application supports a range of staple functions available in QUIK broker system: on-line feed of market data, trading, submission of non-trade instructions and position keeping of client portfolio. 

Real time market data

  • Current trade quotes for exchange instruments.
  • Several lists of instruments with flexibly set parameters for each list.
  • ‘Order book’ quotes.
  • Detailed summary of market data by instrument.
  • Trade dynamics in charts.

The ‘quote’ section includes easy search and prompt addition or exclusion of instruments in the list.

The screenshots represent the ‘Quotes’ section interface, interface of instrument search and list expansion.

   quotes-en.png instruments-en.png

Interface of instrument data (summary and chart) — on iPad screen:



  • Market and limit orders to buy/sell securities including conditional orders (stop-orders).
  • Control of own orders’ execution, display of trades.

The ‘Orders’ section contains three tabs:

  • Orders — market and limit orders displayed.
  • Stop-orders — conditional orders displayed.
  • Trades — all trades of the day displayed.

The screenshots represent the ‘Orders’ section interface and interface of order entry screen.

  orders-en.png order-form1-en.png

Position keeping of client portfolio

  • Current evaluation of client’s positions.
  • Values of margin indicators.
  • Evaluation of sufficiency of client’s resources.
  • Evaluation of short and long positions, etc.

If the user has several client codes, they are displayed in separate tabs. One tab displays information for a selected client code.


Additional options

  • News feeds from news agencies.
  • Viewing and cancellation of non-trade instructions of any type as well as entry of cash withdrawal instructions (the functionality is available when broker’s configuration includes the Non-Trade Instructions Module).
  • Message exchange with broker.
  • Conditional alert generation, reception of push-alerts triggered by events (the functionality is available when broker’s configuration includes the Alert dispatch module).

Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

iPhone (version 5 or later) or iPad.

iOS version 9.x or later.

Use options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Demo access
To evaluate the capabilities and effectiveness of the programme, we recommend you to use free evaluation access.
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