The webQUIK workstation is a fully functional trading terminal operating in a browser window of any operational system.

webQUIK workstations are connected to the QUIK server via the server component — web2QUIK module.

Terminal characteristics

  • No installation required, accessible for any PC with internet access.
  • User access is provided via an encrypted HTTPS-connection that ensures security of information transmitted between the server and the user.
  • Availability of the interface of a fully functional front-office system.
  • User settings memorizing for use in subsequent sessions (the settings are also saved when the user uses different PCs for access).
  • A choice of a light or dark interface design is available.
  • Availability of a ‘light’ interface version which is adapted for smartphones with internet access. When accessed from a smartphone the ‘simplified mode’ is switched on automatically, while a PC user may select it using an option in the dialogue list.

    Key features

Online data feed

  • Instrument quotes.
  • Level2Quotes.
  • Data on executed client trades.
  • Own orders and stop-orders of a client.
  • News from information agencies.


  • Forwarding trades to exchange and off-exchange trading systems, available from a corresponding QUIK server, in accordance with rights set by the broker.
  • Use of limited, market, and conditional orders.
  • Client portfolio status update – current value of all client positions, margin indicators, level of funds adequacy, value of short and long positions, etc.

Additional functions

  • Building charts with instruments of technical analysis.
  • Viewing and cancellation of non-trade instructions of any type as well as forwarding cash withdrawal instructions (the functionality is available if the Non-Trade Instructions Module is a part of broker’s configuration).


webQUIK (light)_en.png

webQUIK (dark)_en.png

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Software

Any operation system. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Yandex Browser.

Use Options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Demo access
To evaluate capabilities and effectiveness of the program, we recommend using free demo access.
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