An automated middle office that provides monitoring and management of positions and risks for all markets and groups of participants, as well as calculation of financial performance broken down as required by a bank or investment company.

midQORT relies on the unique internal structure of accounts represented by the pair sub-account/personal account. Sub-accounts and personal accounts can be grouped to form analytical and virtual accounts, respectively.

Main Features

Structure of Accounts midQORT

midQORT relies on its own structure of accounts that is different from structures of other accounting systems.

Position Keeping

midQORT enables consolidation and own/client position keeping online (when possible) for all trading and non-trading operations with various financial instruments.

Management Reporting

midQORT provides users with tools to systematize information about income and costs by various parameters.

Reconciliation midQORT

midQORT enables position keeping based on information about trades received from the QUIK software complex and other systems.

Document Flow midQORT

midQORT allows import or manual entry to the system of trade orders, orders to traders, OTC trades with correct display of their parameters.

Integration midQORT

There are various ways of integrating midQORT with external systems.

Integration modules

Extension of the system functionality by means of setting own integration solutions.

Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface

Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface allows uploading midQORT with the data on executed trades from the Bloomberg database. The data is transmitted via FIX protocol by BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.

Web-services integration module

The web-services integration module is used for the QORT server interaction with external program applications.

Service modules midQORT

Additional control of operations, internal reports.

Spot Market Risk Management

The module is designed for monitoring and managing stock and FX markets risks of clients' and traders' operations and groups thereof.

Derivatives Market Risk Management

The derivatives market risk management module provides massive opportunities for addressing risk management issues on the derivatives market online.

VaR-analysis Module

VaR-analysis Module is designed for VaR risk assessment.

News and market data modules

Reference and market data delivery.

Module of integration with RU DATA

The module of integration with the database of financial instruments and issuers Reference United Data.

Module of integration with Cbonds Database

The module of integration with the databases of Cbonds group enables to obtain and use data on financial instruments and issuers.

Bloomberg DataLicense QORT program interface

The Bloomberg DataLicense QORT program interface allows to obtain and use information from Bloomberg in the program complex midQORT.

Module of integration with DataScope Select

The module of integration with DataScope Select by Refinitiv allows receiving and using reference and market data on financial instruments and issuers.

NSD information services integration module

The Module of integration allows automatic download and update of reference data on issuers, securities serviced.

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