Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market)

Trading Interface to Saint-Petersburg Exchange (Foreign securities market) provides connection of trading system gateway of Saint-Petersburg Exchange to QUIK server.

Module Functions

  • Support of negotiated, main trading and closing auction trading modes on Saint-Petersburg Exchange;
  • Getting information on current session trading , viewing current state of trading accounts as well as information on registered orders and executed trades;
  • Sending and cancelling exchange orders (market and limit) and negotiated orders.
  • Support operations of currency conversion.*
    * QUIK server configuration requires the Access license for currency conversion operations via Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market).
In order to connect the Interface to the trading system of Saint-Petersburg Exchange the computer with the installed Interface must access the trading system servers.
Connection to the trading system of Saint-Petersburg Exchange is established in the form of transaction and DropCopy links based on TCP protocol. UDP and TCP protocols are used for data delivery.

Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Intel Xeon Gold 5118 or better,


10 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (x64).

The indicated hardware and software requirements are minimal. With ample resources the interfaces may be installed on the same PC as the QUIK server. Any arising questions may be addressed to the QUIK Technical Support.

Use options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Testing
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