Infrastructure solutions

Software solutions for creating and optimizing complex trading infrastructures.

web2QUIK module

The web2QUIK module is a component of the server infrastructure whereby users of the webQUIK workstation and iQUIK X and QUIK Android X mobile applications connect to the QUIK server.

Module of smart order routing QUIK SOR

The module of smart order routing QUIK SOR is used to automate broker operations at several trading venues for the best execution.

QUIK Matching Engine

QUIK Matching Engine is a trading core for quick matching of orders forwarded via QUIK terminals or QUIK FIX interfaces.

Broker quotation system

The Broker quotation system is a system used for processing OTC orders of the broker’s clients.


The QUIK OMS serves for reception, processing, and execution management of orders from clients.

Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES

The module automatically processes clients’ orders to buy/sell financial instruments in accordance with quotes set by the broker.

Multi-broker service module

The module makes it possible to send orders of different brokers to exchange trading systems from the same QUIK server and for the same class of instruments.

Algorithmic trading module

The module allows forwarding and executing algorithmic orders in accordance with built-in algorithms.

FX Convertor module

The module is intended for automatic currency conversion in cases when a trade’s settlement currency differs from the currency of the client’s cash accounting.

Cross currency rates forming module

The module allows the QUIK server to manage information about currency rates.

Access server

The module is used to reduce load on the principal system server while servicing numerous users.

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