ARQA Technologies: results of 2022

16 january 2023

The last year challenged the whole financial market IT industry, changed standard working methods, forced to look for new solutions and approaches to implementation of the plans. Throughout the year, ARQA Technologies closely worked with their clients, actively participated in meetings of the Bank of Russia with key vendors of the financial industry, working group meetings of NAUFOR and RUSSOFT. This allowed the company to be at the cutting edge of ongoing changes, make suggestions, obtain advice, and as soon as possible to integrate into new business realities, and continue the development of software products, and provide services of a high quality standard.


In 2022, 25 organizations including banks, exchanges, investment and asset management companies became new clients of ARQA Technologies. Seventeen of them implemented QUIK software, and ten — solutions based on the QORT software platform. The trend of the year was a large number of installations of software provided from ARQA Technologies data centers.

QUIK Complex


In 2022, the company continued to register its software solutions in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases. This was made possible because the QUIK server software and server modules supported the work with DBMS PostgreSQL. During the year, information on 26 QUIK modules was entered in the Register.

Due to changes in the current business model of professional participants, QUIK system configurations were optimized for a number of clients of ARQA Technologies. Also, an audit was carried out for a big client’s complex trading infrastructure built with the use of a wide range of the company’s software. As a result of the project, the client has got a clear understanding of how to optimize the infrastructure and instructional advice on eliminating bottlenecks and improving reliability.

Besides that, last year QUIK software was installed as a key part (matching core) of one exchange venue's technological platform.

The project on the video library about the QUIK system capabilities was further developed. Five new videos were published on the website and YouTube channel of ARQA Technologies.


Server Modules

Trading Interfaces

Other notable innovations in the company’s Trading interfaces include support of the work with new currencies and near abroad markets:

Business Solutions

Due to the exit of major foreign OTC trading systems from the Russian market, ARQA Technologies in 2022 launched QDealing, its own service to agree on terms of OTC trades with interbroker chats. The service was connected to the electronic trading platform SberTrade to transmit to QDealing firm quotes of the biggest OTC liquidity pool from Sberbank and its counterparties.

Infrastructure Solutions

An important improvement in the functionality of QUIK OMS last year was discontinuation of use of the Broker quotation system for execution of OTC and booking trades. OTC and FX trades as well as booking trades are now executed in the system itself. Besides that, QUIK OMS was included in the ‘Buyer’s Guide: Sellside Cash Equities OEMS 2022’ report by Greyspark which reviews the most advanced OMS solutions of the market.



One of the most important improvements the QUIK server software was a possibility to start the server in the position rolling mode. When using this mode, the QUIK server automatically rolls over client positions from the previous trading day to the current one.

As part of support for the mechanism being implemented on the Russian Securities market to test unqualified investors, it became possible to set restrictions on transactions with certain types of financial instruments for unqualified investors by using the profile of complex financial instruments, set in the ‘leverage’ parameter.

Also, the server software acquired a new role-based model which provides permissions to users. And when setting user two-factor authentication in the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor, it become possible to choose one of the cases to use it: when logging in or executing a trade operation.

User Terminals

Last year, 6 updates of QUIK workstation were released. The most prominent innovations of the desktop terminal were a possibility to specify a position WAP currency when setting position for instrument and the ‘Display clients in portfolio’ setting added to allow optimizing the terminal work in case of a large number of rows in the ‘Client portfolio’ table. Moreover, changes were made in the entry dialog box and operating procedure for program file storages.

A number of significant improvements were made in the web-terminal QUIK. The webQUIK workstation supports a new type of non-trade instructions to transfer securities from one account to another, a possibility to register orders in the Bookbuilding module, and new options to work with charts. Besides that, in webQUIK brokers acquired expanded options to set a color scheme in order to change the appearance of windows in the web-terminal. Operation support was provided for Yandex Browser.

Mobile terminals iQUIK X and QUIK Android X acquired improved ergonomics to display graphs and work with them. New options allow viewing a transaction history for any period of time, displaying a portfolio in any currency, viewing news related to the instrument with their display on the instrument’s screen, setting the ‘Trading authentication’ authorization scenario. Also, a link to tutorial videos was added in the mobile terminals.

QORT Platform

In products based on the QORT software platform in 2022, numerous improvements related to upload of reports consistent with the Bank of Russia Regulation #577-P. The improvements were made to allow for more convenient work with the system.

Automated back-office backQORT

Two new modules were added in the line of service modules backQORT:

  • Payment position control module which allows creating and editing bank’s requirements to support instant liquidity with different currencies and value dates for the bank’s own subaccounts,
  • Investment advice bookkeeping module which displays in backQORT the information on investment advices (concluded contracts, client’s investment profile, register of advices, and others).

Besides that, there are expanded settings to calculate and write off commissions, new kinds of options (‘Exotic’, ‘Asian’, etc.) and trades (REPO with a floating rate and interbank loans with a floating rate). Automated interaction of backQORT and the Federal Tax Service (FTS) became available when transferring a broker’s information, which can significantly reduce and simplify the receiving of IIA tax deduction.

It also became possible to upload positions from backQORT to QUIK in cases when the QUIK server works in the position rolling mode.


Middle-office of an asset management company capQORT

In capQORT, great attention was paid to improvements in the Web-services integration module. Among other things, it become possible to import/export more than 30 main tables (including ‘Pool orders’ and ‘Portfolio quotes’ tables).

The portfolio organizer’s functionality was significantly improved; the middle-office provided expanded options to set restrictions. In particular, a risk interface wad developed which conveniently displays results of pre-trade checks when forwarding pool orders for possible restriction violations.

Also, there are significantly expanded integration possibilities for interaction with RU DATA, CBONDS, NSD services when receiving price information.


In 2022, ARQA Technologies participated in different international and Russian industry events: international conference and exhibition TradeTech Europe 2022 (Paris), forum of innovative financial technologies FINOPOLIS (Moscow), conference for investors and traders SMARTLAB CONF (Saint-Petersburg), Russian Cbonds congress (Saint-Petersburg), Ural conference of NAUFOR ‘Russian Stock Market’ (Ekaterinburg), VII International FXMM & Derivatives MOEX Forum (Moscow), joint webinar of the Interfax Group and RU Data ‘Practical experience of building mobile applications for private investors’ (Moscow), NSUEM forum ‘New economy of Siberia’ (Novosibirsk).

By tradition, the annual company’s seminar was of great interest for clients and partners of ARQA Technologies. Last year, it was attended by about 300 participants from 90 companies.

ARQA Technologies was once again marked on the map of the Russian IT market TAdviser 2022 which displays in infographics major Russian IT companies working on automation of the financial sector.

In 2022, the company created an official VK group and its own Telegram channel.

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