Web-services integration module

The Web-services integration module is used for interaction between the QORT server and external program applications. It allows adding, editing, deleting records in the QORT database by calling functions, and integrating with the broker’s personal account.

Connection of External Applications

An external application sends requests to export/import information to the QORT server via the Internet or a local network by using web-services. The data are transmitted via the HTTPS protocol.

The list of applications allowed for connection is set in the capQORT terminal. The authentication is performed by login and password. Only one external application can simultaneously operate with the service. After the connection, a request ID (token) is assigned to the application which is further used to call web-service operations.

Features of Module Operation

The Web-services integration module is a more sophisticated alternative to another integration mechanism – intermediate database (IDB), which enables setting integration between external software and capQORT, including on event basis. In response to a called function, the module allows reporting on the result of the call, which differs from the IDB mechanism where occurrence of all events (and their processing) is monitored by periodical users’ database inquiries.
The module has no visual interface. It requires the participation of qualified IT specialists to set tight integrations but also allows exporting/importing the relevant information faster, in a more convenient, sophisticated, and secure way.

Examples of Module Usage

  1. Integration with the broker’s client personal account on the website without compromising the system security. In the personal account, the client can view and fill in personal details, for example.
    During the integration with the broker’s personal account or any other external application, both QORT and the external application must have access to the QORT database. And on the one hand, the database must be located outside of the broker’s internal infrastructure in order to meet the information security requirements. On the other hand, in terms of the network infrastructure, it is better if the database is located near the QUIK server. For this reason, if the IDB is used as an integration mechanism, there are additional difficulties related to the system security, whereas the Web-services integration module meets this challenge in full.

  1. Transfer of a data packet in which the information was collected from different sources and places.
    When the module is used, it is possible to receive various information in one data packet, for example, the information on a business partner collected from different tables. When the IDB is used, the user has to collect the information from different tables and then make a single the data packet.

When the module is used, the client receives the documentation with examples of a source code. This code can be used as good and well-documented examples for implementing own QORT platform extensions.

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