Investment advice bookkeeping module

The Investment advice bookkeeping module displays in backQORT actions related to investment advices.

Main features

  • Filling in the information on concluded investment advice contracts (including for IIA contract).
  • Filling in the information on assignment of an investment profile to a client with a date, time of assignment and the profile status.
  • Filling in the information on the client’s consent to the investment profile assigned.
  • Keeping a register of individual investment advices.
  • Creating, editing, and tracking the status of investment recommendations.
  • Specifying the client’s investment profile, qualification requirements, a recommendation type (the portfolio structure with a price), recommended assets as well as making comments to the profile.

The information on individual investment recommendations provided to the client is used by the system when filling in parameters of Section 4 ‘Information on investment advices’ of the report form OKUD 0420418 (xbrl) in accordance with the taxonomy 4.2 of the Bank of Russia.

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