Payment position control module

The Payment position control module allows staff members of a treasury to create and edit bank’s requirements to support instant liquidity with different currencies and value dates for the bank’s own subaccounts. The requirements are fulfilled by staff members of the investment unit of the bank.

Operating Principle

The requirements and trades generated for their execution are automatically matched by the QORT server component.

The treasury staff members can monitor the process of requirement fulfilment as well as view trades generated to fulfil the requirements, group them by currencies, instrument groups and counterparties, view total volumes of trades.

The information is displayed in tables of the QORT terminal. The staff members of the treasury and investment unit have access to different sets of tables.

Types of accounted trades:

  • to buy/sell currency (OTC, Moscow Exchange),
  • currency SWAP (OTC, Moscow Exchange),
  • to buy/sell shares and bonds (OTC),
  • REPO (OTC, Moscow Exchange),
  • OTC cross currency interest SWAP.
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