Multi-broker service module

The Multi-broker service module provides the ability to send orders to the Exchange trading systems from different brokers but from the same QUIK server and for the same class of instruments.

Module Functions

  • Supporting the work with several trading systems’ gateways that have different ID of trade participants for the same class of instruments, 
  • Order routing to the different gateways depending on specified trade participants, 
  • Connection to the gateways of trading systems via the Q2Q service.

Usage examples

  1. Example 1
    One server can be used by several incorporated trade participants, which are parts of one holding company or a group of companies. In this case trading systems’ gateways are connected to a QUIK server via the Module. In the settings of a user’s rights at the QUIK server, ID of a trade participant on behalf of which the orders are being sent, is set up. Thus, one part of users can trade via one broker, another part via another broker, etc.. But for all that, a QUIK server administration, loading of initial position and limits, as well as a server monitoring is centrally performed.
  1. Example 2
    Connection to the exchange trading systems is possible both directly and via the server of another broker (sub-broker scheme) using Q2Q service. Such scheme can be useful for a part of a broker’s clients, for instance, in the case when a broker-partner grants beneficial conditions of marginal crediting. At the same time, another part of clients can be serviced at the same market by a broker directly, with fewer costs.


Hardware and software requirements

Hardware Product name

The module is installed on the same computer with the QUIK server.

Use options

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