ARQA Technologies — results of 2016

27 january 2017

The past year stands out by the number of elaborate projects that have been implemented with most significant of them being:

  • A breakthrough development of QUIK OMS functionality, which turned it into a system capable of resolving most essential tasks that are commonly handled by world leading OMS brands used by the sell side. An application worth a closer look is the one involving simultaneous operation of several QUIK OMS copies (relevant for a group of companies established in different legal environments).
  • A large number of completed integration projects including those with solutions from Bloomberg (Bloomberg VCON drop copy, Bloomberg DataLicense) in both of the software product lines — QUIK and QORT.
  • Significant functional development of software dedicated to achieving objectives related to matching and smart order routing.
  • Adaptation of the back office software functionality in backQORT to operational targets of forex dealers while factoring in requirements from the Russian regulator.
  • Completion of the first implementation of middle office for management companies capQORT with intricate trading and analytical functionality.
  • Commencement of consulting on how to build a system for monitoring a QUIK-based trading infrastructure.

There are 12 banks and companies among the company’s new clients of 2016 with 4 of them having implemented several solutions from ARQA Technologies.

Another project took place in connection with the move of the principal data center of Moscow Exchange to Dataspace center by the end of 2016. The company, working in close cooperation with the exchange, have transferred all of its clients that use QUIK software as a service including its reservation from ARQA Technologies data centers in Moscow (М10 of RTComm.RU and М1 of Stack Telecom) to a new scheme of connection to Moscow Exchange via ConnectME solution.

QUIK development

Trading interfaces

To keep up with exchange software development there were a number of new versions released — namely 12 new versions for Moscow Exchange, 7 for LSE, 3 for Eurex, 4 for WSE, 4 for Saint-Petersburg Exchange, 2 for St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange.

Market data interfaces

There are now more opportunities for getting market data from Thomson Reuters (10 new venues) and QuantHouse (8 new venues). Integration projects have been implemented with new providers of market data from international venues — Nanex (NYSE, NASDAQ) and Interactive Brokers (IDEAL FX and CBOE).

RISQ solutions

A FIX2QME integration solution was implemented, complete with pre-trade control of operations passing through QUIK’s own trading core. The QUIK server software was expanded to embrace ‘soft’ restrictions that are likely to be used for the purpose of risk alerts by trading desks of banks and companies.

Post-trade risk management

Completion of the first stage of creating a ‘combined’ terminal module for the risk manager CoLibri — the current one is for equity and FX markets. The new CoLibri allows building risk management of client operations based on their combined positions in various markets.

QUIK Workstation

The notable change is the alternative ‘dark’ interface theme. Over the last year, there were several ergonomic improvements in the terminal. They contributed to making the main menu intuitively more understandable, trading and charting functionality — more convenient and level 2 quotes - more informative. It has become possible to authorize users by name and password.


A major change was introduced in the server part of the web application. This opened the way for universal upscaling and reservation of webQUIK throughout the entire QUIK platform. This also allows administering rights of all QUIK applications in the framework of one system.

QORT line of solutions

There are some additional integration modules developed in cooperation with partners of ARQA Technologies: modules of integration with DISC NSD, Cbonds Database and RU DATA that serve to download data on issuers and financial instruments as well as corporate events.

Module of OTC trade reporting was developed. It transmits OTC trade data to Moscow Exchange.

In 2016 ARQA Technologies took an active part in leading Russian and international technological forums, exhibitions and conferences, such as Moscow Exchange forum (Moscow), IDX 2016 (London), Innovative financial technologies forum (Kazan), Siberian forum of Moscow Exchange (Novosibirsk), NAUFOR conference (Ekaterinburg), Thomson Reuters conference (Moscow), Federal Investment Forum (Moscow), MOEX Forum (London). The company’s own annual seminar in Moscow traditionally attracts a large audience. In 2016 the attendance was over 350 participants representing 102 companies.

Last year ARQA Technologies once again performed the part of the technological partner of a competition held by Moscow Exchange for newcomers to exchange trading - Invest Trial and introduced its own nomination for the competition — «A Random Walk Down Bolshoy Kislovskiy». A special prize — iPhone SE 64GB — was raffled off at the awards ceremony.

From the start of 2016 ARQA Technologies started creating a video library in order to familiarize QUIK users with some functional aspects that facilitate interaction with the system. The company regularly expands the library with new demonstration videos. All the videos are available on the official ARQA Technologies’ channel on YouTube, as well as on the company’s website.

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