New ‘combined’ terminal module CoLibri released

7 september 2016

ARQA Technologies released the new version of risk manager’s terminal module CoLibri — 4.9.0.

The new version has combined functionalities of two risk manager’s terminal modules at spot and FX markets — CoLibri and CoLibri FX. The new CoLibri has also partially acquired the functionality of the terminal module for derivative market CoLibri FM. The rest of CoLibri FM functionalities will be added during the 2nd stage of CoLibri module merger. Combining terminal modules into one provides such new options as position and debt analysis of projections at various markets and one step position closure at all markets.

The following innovations were implemented for closure of loss-making positions:

  • Clients who use the scheme ‘by discounts’ for position keeping now can close positions simultaneously at spot and FX markets. Orders for closure are generated according to stock market risk parameters based on the ratio of portfolio price and initial margin.
  • In addition to creating individual rules for position closure (broken down by client codes) a new functionality was added to generate templates for position closure.
  • The functionality was added which allows making closure with non-margin instruments only while keeping margin securities positions.
  • There is a new option for closing negative FX positions by selling securities traded in the relevant currency. In this case the volume of generated orders is just sufficient to close the position in the respective currency.
  • An additional way is available for choosing clients to close which implies presetting client filters in a special dialogue box.

There is a new functionality to transfer client positions:

  • Now it is possible to transfer positions at the FX market (cash scheme) which earlier was supported in the risk manager’s terminal module CoLibri FX.
  • For transferring FX positions the Module acquired an option to indicate a price as a rate (in percentage terms) and to convert a given rate into price expressed in that currency, and vice versa.

New capabilities are available for sending notifications (margin calls):

  • There is a possibility to send all types of notifications on schedule, and to set e-mail header templates.
  • New notification types have been added for the derivative market which used to be available in risk manager’s terminal module CoLibri FM.

Among other changes there is an option which allows calculating values for FX market instruments in the margin calculator.

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