Module of OTC trade reporting

The Module of OTC trade reporting is a separate module of backQORT software complex for submitting information on off-exchange trading to the Moscow Exchange as stipulated by current requirements about information disclosure.

OTC trade reporting

An OTC trade with a security must be reported by the buyer if it simultaneously conforms to the following characteristics:

  • it is a trade involving buying and selling with execution followed by transfer of ownership
  • the trade is concluded between professional financial market participants acting on one’s own behalf/on behalf of a client and at one’s own expense/at a client’s expense/at the expense of a trust account
  • the object of trade is a security which is listed on stock exchange

  1. The module works with the system of OTC reporting of the Moscow Exchange (ОТС – monitor) and uses FIX-protocol.
  2. The module selects OTC trades from backQORT which require disclosure and groups them in the registration ledger. This ledger includes a number of filters. Thus, trades may be sorted out by dates, subaccounts and reporting status. There is a possibility to report on package trades.
  3. To register OTC reports the module may use one of two modes – user initiated and automatic.

    User controlled mode allows registration and cancellation of previously registered trades in the registration ledger or directly in the ‘All trades’ table.

    When the module operates in the automatic mode, it performs registration, change of registration and cancelation of OTC trades, as well as change of technical parameters. Each of the two modes is preset separately.

  4. Responses from the registration system of the Moscow Exchange are accessible in the response ledger.
  1. The data on OTC trades delivered to the Exchange includes the following parameters:
    • trade direction, date of conclusion
    • indication on whose behalf and at whose expense the trade was made
    • the instrument code, number of securities, the price of a single security in the trade
    • attribute of a ‘large trade’
    • trade currency
    • settlement currency code of the trade
    • period for settlement of obligations
    • ISIN
    • CFI
  2. The module is installed on the same computer as the backQORT server.

The module is available for free testing.

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