Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface

Bloomberg VCON drop copy QORT program interface* allows uploading backQORT with the data on executed trades from the Bloomberg database. The data is transmitted via FIX protocol by BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.

* certified by Bloomberg

Key features

  • The interface delivers information on trades to buy/sell bonds and REPO trades to the backQORT database.
  • Trade data are downloaded in accordance with selected parameters and may be linked to sections of trading venues preset in QORT.
  • Downloaded trade data is cross referenced to backQORT reference book by ISIN.
  • The feed is used in backQORT for position keeping and limit control.

Interface operation

Data on executed trades is downloaded in QORT online.

Downloaded trades are marked ‘Bloomberg’.

If a trade is downloaded in backQORT with a missing parameter this trade will not be processed although it will be retained in the database. In the edit mode, it is possible to request initial parameters of that trade or add missing parameters later.

Data exchange with BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® employs the standard protocol FIX.

Technical requirements

The Module may be installed on the same server as the backQORT software.


To get data access, please conclude an agreement with the provider. For consultations contact the representative of Bloomberg:

ARQA Technologies is prepared to provide the Module for free testing on request.
Testing request may be forwarded to ARQA Technologies by telephone +7 383 219 16 19 or e-mail

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