Service modules

QUIK server modules that provide additional services to users.

Archive module

The module is for use in charts based on data from the previous trading days.

Unified cash position module for spot and derivatives markets

The module enables control over a client’s unified cash position on securities and derivatives markets and obviates a broker’s need for funds redistribution between the markets.

Non-Trade Instructions module

The module enables reception and processing of instructions to enter/withdraw a client’s cash or securities to/from the exchange trading system, and transfer cash or securities from one sub-account to another in the broker’s accounting system.

Alert dispatch module

The module serves for sending alerts to brokers’ clients about particular events.

Report generation module

This module allows QUIK workstation users to request broker reports, and generating reports on the server with their display on the user’s screen.

Client questionnaire forming module

The module allows clients to fill in questionnaires of a set form, generating keys and sending requests for the ‘Message/PRO’ electronic signature certificate (by ‘Signal-KOM’ company), with their registration on a broker’s web-site.

Message import module

The Message import module serves for sending to QUIK user terminals notifications collected from other QUIK applications or third party systems.

QUIK English localization

It is a special version of the QUIK terminals with the interface in English.

Messaging module

The module serves as an online chat to exchange messages between clients and the broker’s support service.

Investment recommendations module

The module serves for storing and sending investment recommendations of a broker.

Directory Storage and Distribution module

A single centralized storage of information about asset types, instruments, par values, ACI and calendars, received from external sources.

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