QUIK English localization

It is a special QUIK Workstation version with an English interface and all information (description of classes, instruments, parameters and textual values) in the program tables translated into English.

The QUIK server module allows translation into English of market information supplied from trading systems’ gateways. The server is equipped with means to control the description of the interface and financial instruments.

Localization for other foreign languages is possible as well.


The support of foreign languages at QUIK workstations is activated by installing an additional module on the QUIK server. Once the user connects with a server supporting the switching to other interface languages, the Language Settings item becomes active in the QUIK workstation menu allowing the choice of another language.

  • The module enables switching between interface languages at the QUIK workstation. Any other kinds of client software are not supported.
  • The newsfeed is not translated. For newsfeeds in foreign languages please contact the relevant information supplying agencies.


The English-localized interface can be tested on our server.

  • register demo access and install the QUIK Workstation distribution package;
  • upon receipt of the notification of registration, connect to the server;
  • close all program windows and tables; 
  • in "System/Settings/Language Settings Menu" select English (Standard Set); 
  • switching to another interface language requires restarting the program and connecting to the server to receive new descriptions and parameters of instruments. Once the connection with the server is established, the program can work in English.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Product name

The module is installed on the same computer with the QUIK server.

Use options

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