Non-Trade Instructions Module

This module enables reception and processing of instructions to enter/remove client`s cash or securities into/from the exchange trading system, and transfer of cash and securities from one sub-account to another in the broker’s accounting system.

The Non-Trade Instructions Module comprises additional components of the QUIK workstation and the QUIK server and directories stored in the database.

Functions performed by the additional components

  1. QUIK Workstation:
    • Table viewing.
    • Entering instructions.
    • Viewing the registers of instructions sent and the progress of their processing.
    • Acknowledging or rejecting the instruction by the broker’s employee.
    • Viewing instructions.
    • Cancellation of unprocessed instructions.

    If the module makes these functions available from the QUIK workstation menu.

    The user terminals webQUIK, iQUIK X, QUIK Android X have their functionality limited to review and cancellation of non-trade instructions of any type as well as entry of cash withdrawal instructions.

  2. Directories:

    Used by the clients to fill out the instruction, directories contain necessary information about numbers of accounts and client agreements, instrument registration codes, etc. Information for the directories is supplied from the broker’s back office through a special interface and from QUIK Administrator program.
  1. QUIK server:
    • Setting the user rights to use various types of instruction.
    • Setting the broker personnel rights to acknowledge client instructions.
    • Setting the sequence of signatures and the rights to assign mandatory payments with respect to various types of instruction.
    • Reception of instructions.
    • Blocking the client`s funds to ensure processing of an instruction.
    • Changing the client limits as a result of processing of an instruction.
    • Changing the client’s position for instruments of Derivatives Market of Moscow Exchange.
    • Providing the users with notifications about the state of instruction processing.
An instruction formed by the client is sent to the QUIK server and its status is registered by the database as Active. The broker’s employee authorized to sign may perform one of the following actions:

  • Cancel the instruction, or
  • Sign the instruction. 
The priority order of authorized signatures and the requirement of confirmation by a single-use password are determined in the module settings individually for each type of instruction. Once the instruction is signed by all authorized persons, it becomes "Processed". If the instruction is cancelled by any of the broker’s employees, its status becomes "Rejected".
The change of status results in changing the client limits. The server sends information about the change of status to the users authorized to work with the client code concerned.

Additional Features

  1. The module’s settings allow for partial processing of instructions, if the client does not have enough funds after all mandatory payments have been made. The allowance for partial processing may be set by the client when issuing the instruction.
  2. In the “Instructions table” there is a possibility to indicate unprocessed instructions of the previous days that allows postponing their processing if necessary.
  1. Application of digital signature for non-trade instructions. Any type of certified means of information encoding supported by QUIK can be used.
  2. Before any instruction is forwarded the Non-trade instructions module checks if the client has sufficient funds. For this purpose an additional technical connection to the QUIK server is needed.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Intel Xeon E5504 or better.


10 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (x64).

DBMS Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016.

The indicated hardware and software requirements are minimal. With ample resources the interfaces may be installed on the same PC as the QUIK server. Any arising questions may be addressed to the QUIK Technical Support.

Use Options

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