Report generation module

This module enables requesting the broker’s reports by the QUIK workstation user himself, forming reports on the server and viewing them on the user’s display.

Module Functions

  1. Collecting information on trades, orders, contingent orders, market prices, positions and limits in the Module database.   
  2. Importing additional data into the Module database from the broker back office or other internal broker systems*.
  3. Forming reports upon QUIK-users’ request according to templates preset by a broker based on collected information; displaying the reports in the user terminal.
  4. Transmitting arbitrary files, for example, official broker’s reports to the QUIK user Workstation*.

The functions are not performed when the Module is used as managed service.

Method of Operation

  1. The report generation module comprises an additional component of the QUIK workstation, additional QUIK server applications Reports Server and Data Export Module), administration facilities, and a database used to store archives of information collected.
  2. In addition to the direct purpose of servicing the report generation system, these archives can be used for some other purposes of the company/bank, because they contain, in essence, the history of operations made by the clients and enable arrangement of arbitrary analytic studies based on the stored data.
  3. The data export module operating in the automatic mode supplies current data from the trading system to the information archives. The administrator workstation enables editing this information as well as importing additional data, e.g., non-trade commission charges, etc. If required, an individual software can be used to arrange importing additional information from the back office into the database in the automatic mode.
  4. The reports server is a separate module connected to the QUIK server. Upon request from the QUIK workstation, it sends information about the list of available reports and their parameters.
  5. The QUIK workstation shows the list of available reports as an individual item in the main menu. After selecting one of these reports, the user enters the report parameters and sends a request to the QUIK server. The server checks the user’s authority and then relays the request to the Reports Server.
  1. The reports server starts the procedure of preparing a report that meets parameters preset by the user. In so doing the archives database is requested for required information. Thereupon, information, HTML-formatted in compliance with the template prepared by the broker for this report, is transferred through the QUIK server to the user workstation where the report can be viewed on the display or printed. The fact of showing the report on the user’s display is recognized by the system as an indication that the report has been delivered and read.
  2. The report generation module enables transmission of arbitrary files, e.g., those containing broker reports for a certain period, to the clients. If the user receives such reports, when the QUIK workstation connects to the server, for example, the user sees notification that some new documents are available. The fact of notification is recognized by the system as well. This function can be used to arrange electronic document circulation between the broker and the client (using digital signature).
  3. The Reports Server allows for adjustment of the automated procedures schedule to calculate, for example, the amount of brokerage for a day according to the parameters set directly ion the QUIK server. If the broker uses the Non-Trade Instructions Module, the Reports Server can be integrated with the database of that module for the purpose of including information about non-trade orders into the generated reports.

Additional Features

  1. Availability of different types of report for different classes of the clients. 
  2. Availability of adjusting the report display form. Standard report templates can be modified upon request of the broker. 
  3. Availability of additional reports for internal purposes of the broker. 
  4. Availability of additional reports upon request of the broker.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Product name

Processor Intel Xeon E5504 or better.


20 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (x64).

DBMS Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012/2014/2016.

Use Options

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