QUIK digest for the fourth quarter of 2022

20 january 2023

Q4, 2022

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, we would like to offer to your attention the digest of the main changes in QUIK products made in the fourth quarter of 2022.


The QDealing service for execution of OTC trades was connected to the electronic trading platform SberTrade with firm OTC quotes from Sber and the bank’s counterparties. QDealing users acquired a possibility to view quotes and make transactions with some of the most liquid government and corporate bonds presented in the OTC liquidity pool of SberTrade by means of the standard QUIK terminal.

The video library extended its collection about of capabilities iQUIK X and QUIK Android X. Three new videos were published on the website and YouTube channel of ARQA Technologies.

New Versions of Software

For the full list of changes in QUIK software products, see the News on the company’s website.

Trading Interfaces

Moscow Exchange Securities Market (Main Market Sector) trading interface — 13.10 and 13.11

The interface supports new possibilities added within the release of the Moscow Exchange Securities market trading system, dated October 10, 2022:

  • execution of ‘REPO with CCP’ trades with settlement in Russian rubles and with a floating rate linked to the RUSFAR indicator,
  • a possibility to set an indicator of the floating rate when executing trades in already existing REPO classes,
  • forwarding of orders with the ‘Passive only’ (Book or cancel) execution term.

These versions support new trading modes with settlements in CNY and HKD:

  • OTC Bonds with CCP,
  • T+,
  • Negotiated deals,
  • Negotiated deals with CCP modes.

Moscow Exchange FX Market trading interface — 13.10

  • The interface works with new instruments to trade small lots.
  • It has become possible to forward orders with the ‘Passive only’ (Book or cancel) execution term.

Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market trading interface — 12.9 and 12.10

The interface versions support new features of the Derivatives market trading system (SPECTRA 7.3 and SPECTRA 7.6):

  • forced obligation cessation for perpetual futures contracts,
  • placement of transaction prohibitions with a priority set by user,
  • opening auction,
  • forwarding of orders with the ‘Passive only’ (Book or cancel) execution term.

SPB Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market) — 2.18

The interface works with instruments of Kazakhstan issuers:

  • SPBKZ — SPB: Kazakhstan Shares,
  • PSSPBKZ — SPB: Neg. deals, Kazakhstan Shares,
  • RPSPBKZ — SPB: REPO Negdeal Kazakhstan.

Service Modules

Report generation module — 4.0

The Module works with DBMS PostgreSQL.

Non-Trade Instructions module — 20.6

— It is possible to set the schedule to process non-trade instructions registered via stored procedures.

— There is a possibility to set a variation margin and commission accounting during the cash withdrawal on the Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market.

— The Module displays the instruction’s signature removal operation in the instruction's execution history.

— It became possible to edit the ‘Resident’ field on non-trade instructions forms for cash.

Alert dispatch module — 3.15

— It became possible to send only push alerts without sending the message via other channels (SMS, email).

— The module supports integration with new SMS providers: Stream Telecom, Easy-SMS.

Infrastructure Solutions

OMS Manager module — 6.0

  • OTC and FX trades as well as booking trades are executed in the OMS Manager module itself (the Broker quotation system is no longer used).
  • OMS orders can be registered and executed in trading modes with fractional numbers.
  • It became possible to work with OMS orders in the ‘Transactions pocket’ table of the QUIK workstation.
  • Settlement and payment codes can be calculated automatically by using settlement and payment dates during registration of the OMS order via the FIX adapter program interface.
  • The OMS order dialog box acquired an option to recalculate the volume entered by the user into a quantity based on the price specified by him.
  • When opening the execution OMS order dialog box by OTC trade with a counterparty, the counterparty of the OMS order is placed into the ‘Counterparty’ field by default.
  • It became possible to manually specify a cross rate in the OMS order form for the negotiated deal mode.
  • The previously chosen sorting by columns is saved in the instrument search table of the OMS order dialog box.

Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES — 2.27

  • The Module works with DBMS PostgreSQL.
  • The functionality to roll over OTC reporting operations to the next day is applied to the one-way OTC reporting mode.
  • It became possible to use exchange instruments as a closing price source in instruments of the Module.

Algorithmic trading module and Algorithmic trading module Light – 5.3

When attempting to execute an algo order, for all supported algorithms it is checked, whether the price of the forwarded exchange order falls within the allowed price range. If the price does not fall within the preset range, the algo order will not send an exchange transaction until the price is acceptable.

Bookbuilding module — 1.7

The Module allows adding bonds with different par value and trading currencies. For this purpose, the Module can receive cross rates for currencies from the QUIK server and calculate volumes for placement orders.

Integration Solutions

Market Data Export module — 7.3 and 8.0

  • The Module allows exporting margin parameters for clients of the derivatives market.
  • The ‘Portfolio’ table acquired:

— a filter by client leverage value which enables the export only for margin clients,

— a filter by client type,

— a new setting to export the data only on clients with negative balances on cash or instruments positions,

— a new mode which uploads client portfolio rows only if the values in the exported set of parameters are changed.

  • There are extended sets of exported parameters in the following tables: ‘Params’, ‘Time and sales’, ‘Time and sales’, ‘Trades’, ‘Trades for execution’, ‘Transactions’, ‘Securities’.

FIX adapter and FIX drop copy program interfaces — 3.70

The improvements of the interfaces include:

  • support of new possibilities added within the release of the Moscow Exchange securities and FX market trading systems, dated October 10, 2022:

— display of values in a new ‘Indicator’ field,

— registration of orders with a new execution term ‘Passive only’ (Book or cancel) and reports on those orders,

  • transmission of the ‘Position WAP currency’ parameter in PositionReport messages,
  • a possibility to register OMS orders with fractional quantity and report on their execution,
  • separate subscription to certain position types (in cash, securities, positions, and restrictions on the MOEX derivatives market).

In addition, FIX drop copy acquired an option to transmit ExecutionReport messages for the trades to be executed in the ‘NDM trades with CCP’ trading modes.

QUIK KillSwitch module (MOEX FM) — 1.7

The Module supports a capability in the Moscow Exchange Derivatives market trading system SPECTRA to place operation prohibitions with a priority set by user.

User Terminals

QUIK workstation — 10.0

  • It became possible to specify a position WAP currency when setting position for instrument.
  • The ‘Display clients in portfolio’ setting was added, which allows optimizing the terminal work in case of a large number of rows in the ‘Client portfolio’ table.
  • The changes in the order are as follows:

— the expiration order entry dialog box is added for futures,

— the expiration order entry dialog box for options displays information on the current position,

— the ‘Enter order’ transaction supports the ‘A book or cancel order’ execution term,

— the ‘Benchmark’ parameter is added to the REPO and REPO with CCP order entry dialog box.

webQUIK workstation — 7.10

  • The workstation acquired a functionality to display changes in the versions which is available when logging in (once after the update) and in the webQUIK menu.
  • When using a crosshair in the chart, the workstation displays the price.
  • The scaling of the chart price scale became possible by using plus and minus buttons located in the upper left corner of the chart.
  • An option was added to display the ‘Position WAP currency’ parameter in positions on the portfolio screen.
  • The simplified mode allows recovering a password.
  • Brokers acquired expanded options to set a color scheme in order to change the appearance of windows in webQUIK.

Mobile terminals iQUIK X — 4.4 and 4.5

Improvements of these versions include:

  • the viewing of news related to the instrument with their display on the instrument’s screen,
  • a setting which allows disabling the confirmation of order cancelation and replacement,
  • support of non-trade instructions for transfers between accounts,
  • an ability to calculate maximum quantity only with own funds for order entry,
  • quick closure of the position is available on the portfolio window,
  • saving of the last open tab in detailed information by instrument,
  • a possibility to block the sleep mode,
  • display of the purchase price currency for positions in the Portfolio window and the instrument parameters window,
  • display of the instrument parameters window instead of the Position window when tapping a line with an instrument position in the Portfolio window.

It became possible to paste the code of the second authentication factor from the SMS message (for QUIK Android X).


QUIK server software — 10.0, 10.1, and 10.2

Changes in the Limit calculation library (LCL) functionality:

  • it is possible to set the WAP price currency of an instrument in any of the following ways: during the setting/loading a position, by using the ‘Position price currency’ parameter setting or by autofill option during the trade settlement,
  • there is the ‘Allowed ISIN codes’ parameter which allows setting a list of ISIN instruments allowed for trading,
  • the server can use new commission rates of the Moscow Exchange Securities Market within the release of the Securities Market trading system, dated October 10, 2022,
  • the ‘Restrict proportion for collateral on securities’ setting logic was changed. Operation validity check will be performed when:

— buying assets specified in the setting (securities and currency),

— selling assets for the currency specified in the setting,

— placing other instructions, which may result in a decrease in the value of the client's portfolio,

  • the settings ‘Classes without TS commission’ and ‘Restricted for open position’ can be used for all available classes,
  • in the settings ‘Commission parameters currency’ and ‘Commission write-off currency’, it became possible to specify codes of instrument groups,
  • the server software takes account of REPO operations with a floating rate when the setting ‘Negdeal repo classes with second leg accounted in trade’ is used,
  • the ‘MD+’ lending scheme acquired the ‘Ignore trade accounts for tags’ setting,
  • if the control of a complex financial instrument type is activated, the complex financial instrument automatically becomes available for the client forwarding a spot order, whether the funds blocking for stop orders is set or not,
  • there is the ‘Commission discount for scalping trades’ setting which allows the clients with unified cash positions on spot and derivatives markets to disable a discount on commission charged for opening and closing a position in a contract within a trading day.

Besides that, if a digital signature is used in the transactions report in QUIK Administrator, the report displays information on parameters of the certificate used to sign the transaction.


For all questions regarding the products, their terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

For all questions on operation of QUIK software, please contact QUIK Technical Support Team: +7-383-2191606, quiksupport@arqatech.com.

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