New version of OMS Manager module — 6.0

26 october 2022

Innovations made in the released version of the OMS Manager module are as follows:

  • The Broker quotation system is no longer used for execution of OTC and booking trades. OTC and FX trades as well as booking trades are now executed in the OMS Manager module itself.
  • OMS orders can be registered and executed in trading modes with fractional numbers.
  • It has become possible to work with OMS orders in the ‘Transactions pocket’ table of the QUIK workstation.
  • Settlement and payment codes can be calculated automatically by using settlement and payment dates during registration of the OMS order via the FIX adapter program interface.
  • The OMS order dialog box acquired an option to recalculate the volume entered by the user into a quantity based on the price specified by him. This improvement can be useful when operations by OMS classes are limited on the QUIK server, and the user registers an OMS order for a specified volume. In this case, the quantity of the OMS order is calculated automatically with or without account of ACI (optionally).

  • When opening the execution OMS order dialog box by OTC trade with a counterparty, the counterparty of the OMS order is placed into the ‘Counterparty’ field by default.
  • It has become possible to manually specify a cross rate in the OMS order form for the negotiated deal mode.
  • The previously chosen sorting by columns is now saved in the instrument search table of the OMS order dialog box.
  • The export table (the table of the Module’s database to which the data on OMS orders is uploaded) has new parameters:

    — ‘CancelComment’ — OMS order cancellation comment (for situations when the external system needs information on the reason for order cancelation),
    — ‘UserValue’ — OMS order volume specified by user before automatic recalculation.

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