New version of webQUIK workstation — 7.10

16 december 2022

The main innovations in the released version of the webQUIK workstation include:

  • the workstation has a functionality to display changes in the versions which is available when logging in (once after the update) and in the webQUIK menu,
  • when using a crosshair in the chart, the price is displayed now (previously, only the date/time marker was displayed),
  • the scaling of the chart price scale has become possible by using plus and minus buttons located in the upper left corner of the chart (previously, only the time scale was scaled),

  • an option was added to display the ‘Position WAP currency’ parameter in positions on the portfolio screen,
  • the mobile version allows recovering a password,
  • brokers acquired expanded options to set a color scheme in order to change the appearance of windows in webQUIK.

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