New version of QUIK workstation — 10.0

27 october 2022

This updated QUIK workstation has the following improvements:

  • It has become possible to specify a position WAP currency when setting position for instrument.
  • The ‘Display clients in portfolio’ setting was added, which allows optimizing the terminal work in case of a large number of rows in the ‘Client portfolio’ table. 

  • The changes in the order are as follows:
    – the expiration order entry dialog box is added for futures,
    – the expiration order entry dialog box for options displays information on the current position,
    – the ‘Enter order’ transaction supports the ‘A book or cancel order’ execution term,
    – the ‘Benchmark’ parameter is added to the REPO and REPO with CCP order entry dialog box.

The full list of changes made in the QUIK workstation 10.0.

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