Results of 2013

28 january 2014

The year 2013 had been a full one with various events and groundbreaking projects that the company pursued in the roles of technological vendor, expert, consultant and partner.

In the course of the year 30 banks, investment and asset management companies started to use QUIK software while 6 banks and investment companies implemented solutions based on QORT platform.

One of the key projects of the finished year to involve most staff into consultation, implementation and support activities was the transition of the Moscow Exchange to the T+ trading mode. The new mode introduction demanded that ARQA Technologies implemented substantial developments across its entire QUIK product line as well as QORT platform-based solutions – middle-office midQORT and back-office backQORT.

As part of the implemented improvements in QUIK the existing trade limiting scheme got supplemented with a new one which allows to keep track of liabilities across various execution dates (T0, T1 and T2). Improvements introduced into midQORT and backQORT allow clients receive information on T+ trades and form limits consistent with delayed settlement dates.

Another focus of the company’s business which attracted a lot of clients’ attention last year concerns technologies and applicable business models of client services at FX market.

With the help of new software solutions developed by the company – QUIK Matching Engine (QME) и QUIK Smart Order Router (QUIK SOR) – brokers facilitate automation of client services at FX market. QUIK SOR is used for consolidating quotes received from several trading venues and for automatic routing of client orders on the basis of an algorithm or a rule (e.g. best order execution). QME represents a core for fast matching of client orders and may be employed within brokers’ electronic order registration systems which register client orders and offer access to additional asset classes.

The QORT platform-based product line expanded to include a new software – QORT-Repository (reQORT). The new software solution reports OTC derivative trades to the NRD Repository.

2013 saw strong development of QUIK user terminals:

  • ARQA Technologies completed terminal development for Android-based devices – QUIK Android.
  • QUIK Workstation functionality now features the programming language Lua which makes it possible to build own indicators. Client portfolio was completely revised and the terminal received a number of ergonomic improvements.
  • The mobile terminals (iQUIKiQUIK-HD and QUIK Android) acquired push-messages which relieve users of the need to switch on terminals from time to time in order to check the market of their orders’ status.

Throughout the past year ARQA Technologies pursued active collaboration with foreign partners – exchanges and market data vendors.

The QUIK line acquired new joint solutions with Thomson Reuters – one of those delivers lowest latency market data from international trading venues, another one provides access to the trading platform Thomson Reuters Spot Matching.

In the framework of its cooperation with LSEG ARQA Technologies added another solution to its product line for the markets of this group – the Trading interface for the LSE Derivatives market.

In 2013 the company established a point of presence in London.

The company’s clients and partners attended workshops held in Moscow, London and Warsaw.

In 2013 following the established tradition ARQA Technologies actively participated in most representative international technological forums, trade fairs and conferences including TradeTech Europe 2013, HFT World 2013, Accessing Russia (London), Nordic Trading Room (Stockholm), Derivatives World Central and Eastern Europe (Warsaw).

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