Results of 2010

29 december 2010

2010 – a year of anniversary for ARQA Technologies has left. For 10 years the company has been developing complex solutions and technologies for operating at financial markets. The expiring year brought a lot of changes and events to the company.

New implementations on the basis of QUIK program complex and QORT program platform

In 2010 the company’s client base grew significantly. 64 banks and investment companies became the new clients and started to use QUIK, 30 of them as hosted solutions on the facilities of ARQA Technologies’ Moscow and Novosibirsk technical centers, and 34 have installed the complex using their own technical facilities, 14 companies are Ukrainian brokers. The implementation of QUIK complex in Sberbank became a bullet point for the company.

In 2010, the solutions based on the QORT platform have been implemented in 5 banks and investment companies, 2 of which were foreign. 4 of them have chosen a back office backQORT and 1 a middle office midQORT.

New QUIK-server features

One of the most important projects realized in 2010 was the transition to Plaza II technology of all the brokers, who trade at FORTS and RTS Standard using QUIK complex.

As for MICEX technologies, QUIK supported the functionality for trading with the central counterparty.

In 2010 QUIK’s set of modules was expanded by the following:

  • BasketTrading Module intended for trading by ‘baskets’ of financial instruments.
  • A low latency solution on the basis of FIX protocol — FIX2Market, which allows a broker to organize direct connection between its trading platform and the exchange trading system. By the moment the solution has been implemented for two leading Russian exchanges - FIX2MICEX (for the MICEX Stock Exchange and MICEX Government Securities and Money Market) and FIX2Plaza2 (for FORTS).
  • SMS Alerts Module intended for sending SMS alerts to broker’s clients about important events. SMS are used for receiving PIN code for the users entering QUIK using two-factor authentication.
GL NET trading interface (joint project with SunGard) was enriched by connection to the new trading platforms – HKEx (Hong Kong Stock Exchange), OSE (Oslo Stock Exchange), SGX (Singapore Exchange), EURONEXT AEX (European Stock Exchange – Amsterdam) and EURONEXT Paris (European Stock Exchange – Paris), OTC trading system Chi-X Europe.

The QUIK complex has got the interfaces for trading by the instruments of the Moscow Energy Exchange, St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange, Derivatives Market of the Ukrainian Exchange, Derivatives Market of the Kazakhstan ETS Exchange.

New QUIK Workstation features

In 2010 the company has produced 3 new versions of the QUIK workstation software. In the new versions resources consumption while using the software and data processing algorithms were seriously optimized.

The mechanism of getting information, which the functions of built-in QPILE language appeal to, has been modified. In the new QUIK version QPILE algorithms gets data directly from the program tables instead of their copies.

New features for scalping and quick order sending with the help of mouse buttons were developed. Working with Information agencies newsfeed interfaces has become more comfortable.

The features for working with stop-orders were widened: a new type of stop-orders Take Profit And Stop Limit, which allows sending a stop order of both types simultaneously, was realized; sending generated market orders was supported for some trading modes.

Software of QUIK Workstation for risk managers at spot and derivatives markets, CoLibri and CoLibri FM, were considerably developed.

QORT program platform development

In 2010 the functionality of solutions developed on the base of the QORT program platform were considerably widened and updated.

The optimization of considerable number of back office backQORT components was undertaken to provide support of the increasing number of investment companies operations. Personal income tax calculation was modified considerably following the changes in the Russian tax legislation. New formats of exchange’s reports were supported.

New modules for monitoring and scheduling were developed. The integration with additional QUIK modules was updated. Back office backQORT was reworked according to the users’ requests in course of implementation in a professional participant of the Ukrainian securities market.

In backQORT the next features for accounting in trust management were developed:

  • building trust management report for company’s clients,
  • VAR-analysis module,
  • management reporting module.

New features for risk management and bank/investment company’s management reporting were developed in middle office midQORT. Module for PnL estimation was considerably updated.

Test and training services development

Training services of the QUIK-Junior training system were actively developed in 2010. The Ukrainian brokers using QUIK-Junior started to participate in training sessions of PFTS and the Ukrainian Exchange markets.

The opportunity to participate in training sessions at derivatives market of the Moscow Energy Exchange was granted, as well as at derivatives market of the Kazakhstan ETS Exchange.

Back office backQORT and middle office midQORT testing is provided to the banks and investment companies on the facilities of the ARQA Technologies’ Novosibirsk technical center.

In 2010 for the first time ARQA Technologies carried out series of webinars (seminars with the use of Cisco’s WEBEX technology) for its clients on administration and management of the clients’ positions in QUIK.

Company’s technical centers development

Most hardware servers were upgraded and 64-bit Windows version was implemented in 2010 in ARQA Technologies’ technical centers to guarantee a considerable reserve capability with the increasing number of clients.

The system of visualization of the platforms and services status was built and the system of alerts informing about abnormal situations was set up. They provide better control of the technical centers functioning with much more services installed.

Participation in exhibitions and conferences, carrying out events for customers

It was the second time when ARQA Technologies took part as an exhibitor in the international conference and exhibition devoted to the development of technologies and infrastructure of the Russian financial institutions - TradeTech Russia, which was held in Moscow.

Traditionally the company participated in a few conferences and seminars organized by DEREX agency and the international event-agencies Markus Evans and FOW, as well as in the forum of PFTS.

In February 2010 ARQA Technologies launched the 6th annual seminar for its clients and partners in Moscow. For the first time the conference program included roundtable discussions with participation of banks’ and investment companies’ representatives, as well as representatives from MICEX and RTS.

In October 2010 the company launched the second workshop for its clients and partners in Ukraine. The workshop for professional participants of the Kazakhstan securities market was held in November in Almaty.

Projects in CIS countries

The daughter company “ARQA Technologies Ukraine” was registered to widen the line of solutions to be provided to the Ukrainian customers. One of the main tasks for ARQA Technologies subsidiary is to organize the Technical center in Kiev for provision of outsourcing and hosting services in Ukraine.

The first steps in implementation of ARQA Technologies’ solutions in financial companies of Kazakhstan were undertaken. They provided the possibility to trade at ETS exchange.

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