Results of 2009

30 december 2009

Our clients

In 2009 the company’s client base grew significantly. During the year 62 banks and investment companies became our new clients and started to use QUIK, 39 of them have installed the complex using their own technical facilities and 23 have used outsourcing on the facilities of ARQA Technologies’ Moscow and Novosibirsk technical centers. At the end of 2009, 255 banks and investment companies have used products and services based on QUIK program platform, 22 of them were foreign. 11 banks and companies have used the solutions based on QORT program platform.

One of the main developments of the expiring year was the fast-moving extension of the company’s ‘Ukrainian’ business line. From the beginning of 2009, the number of Ukrainian users of QUIK increased for 16 companies. This was, primarily, connected with start of active trading at the Ukrainian Exchange and with launching of the PFTS NEXT system at PFTS. For its part, ARQA Technologies provided the Ukrainian customers exploring QUIK with advisory services and tech support. Also the company realized special marketing events to make entering the high-tech business easier for the Ukrainian companies.

QUIK development – a server part

One of the most important projects realized in 2009 was the project aimed to provide brokers and their clients with the opportunity to trade at the new RTS stock market segment — RTS Standard market. QUIK’s set of the server modules was expanded by a series of new ones. The following modules became the most popular in 2009:

  • Algorithmic trading module enables customers to send algorithmic orders and works accordingly to the algorithms preset in the system. Now the module is equipped with four most widely used algorithms;
  • Option analytics module provides QUIK users with the opportunities to develop and analyze option strategies and to display volatility diagram;
  • QUIK InSite is a web-based platform for integration of QUIK into а bank’s or investment company’s web-site.

CoLibri FM (by SunGard) was enriched by connection to the new trading platforms – EUREX, HESE (Helsinki Stock Exchange) and TSE (Toronto Stock Exchange). The users of QUIK-Junior trading system were granted with the access to the training system of the Ukrainian Exchange.

QUIK development – a workplace part

During the year the company has produced 4 new versions of the QUIK Workstation software, the company’s main terminal for trading at the financial markets. Major changes of the new version were made according to the customers’ demands. The most popular new features were: new facilities in operating with orders and stop-orders, particularly from diagrams; ability to change an order with the use of a ‘mouse’ cursor; new intervals on diagrams; developing the QPILE language functionality; new hotkey editor.

New opportunities in a brokers’ operations side were granted: transmission of market makers’ commitments at MICEX, optimization of the procedure of a no-address order substitution, new opportunity to work with restrictions through the transaction import mechanism.

Software of QUIK Workstation for PDA PocketQUIK was considerably developed. Its new version has more features to work with diagrams, to display historical data charts and to build more than 30 technical analysis indicators. The server-end software of the new webQUIK version was optimized. WebQUIK functionality to work with charts was essentially widened.

In 2009 new versions of purpose-oriented trade terminals for trust managers (TrustManager) and risk managers (CoLibri) were released. They have new features that were thought out during negotiations and consultations with the company’s clients. Among new software for the users, the terminal module CoLibri FM deserved attention. It allows monitoring the risk indicators while trading at the derivative markets.

QORT program platform development

In 2009 great attention was paid to increasing the process speed of the QORT program platform and to optimizing the work of all the platform components. The functionality of the system was considerably widened according to the users’ requests.

By the end of 2009, the solutions based on the QORT platform have been implemented in 11 banks and investment companies, 2 of which were foreign. 6 of them have chosen a middle office midQORT and 5 a back office backQORT.

Development of the services based on the company’s technical centers

Outsourcing and back-up of QUIK system on the bases of the Moscow and Novosibirsk technical centers of the company gained increasing popularity among the customers. In 2009 23 banks and investment companies started working with QUIK using outsourcing mode. Back-up QUIK complexes were launched for 8 banks and investment companies in the mode of “hot” reserve.

In ARQA Technologies’ Moscow technical center large-scale activities were held to increase engineering capacity and extend channels to the exchange trading systems and inter broker networks. At the end of 2009, the Moscow technical center served 50 banks and investment companies. The number of users served by the center per day reached more than 12 000.

In 2009 QUIK2QUIK service, working on the bases of the ARQA Technologies’ Moscow technical center, was considerably developed. This service allows using another broker’s trade infrastructure and a QUIK server to organize the access to trading at national and international exchanges. The most popular among the users is the service that allows for the Russian market members to get access to LSE, CME, CBOT, and for foreign banks and companies to get access to the Russian exchanges.

Participation in exhibitions and conferences

It was the second year in a row when ARQA Technologies took part as an exhibitor in the international top-level conference and exhibition of software developers and users of automation systems for financial institutions TradeTech2009, which was held in Paris.

The company participated in a few conferences and seminars organized by DEREX agency and the international event-agencies Markus Evans and FOW.

Seminars for clients

The company continues to carry out courseware for its clients on QUIK administration and management of the clients’ positions in QUIK system. During the year in the ARQA Technologies’ Moscow office the company’s specialists conducted 4 series of the seminars. 70 specialists from 54 banks and investment companies took part in them.

In February 2009 the 5th annual seminar for the company’s clients and partners was held in Moscow. The seminar mastered the representatives of more than 200 company’s clients and partners (MICEX, RTS, PFTS, the Ukrainian Exchange, Bloomberg, Fidessa, SanGard).

In September ARQA Technologies held the first seminar for its Ukrainian clients and partners. This event is planned to be kept on a regular basis.

In 2009 ARQA Technologies presented to all the interested parties its new web-site, which allows to find all the necessary information about the company, its software and services.

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