Integration solutions

Software for implementing integration projects.

Solutions for direct market access with pre-trade control

The line of trading interfaces for direct access to exchange and OTC trading with built-in technology of low-latency pre-trade control.

FIX program interfaces

FIX program interfaces are used for connecting QUIK server to external software platforms by means of FIX protocol.

Bloomberg VCON drop copy program interface

Interface serves to deliver information about trades from BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service to the QUIK server.

QUIK KillSwitch

The QUIK KillSwitch module has used the exchange KillSwitch technology which reacts to a break-up of drop copy connection when risk parameters set by the broker are breached.

Market Data Export module

This software is intended for exporting online data from the QUIK server to the database through the ODBC.

Position management program interface

Interface is used to connect the QUIK server to external systems of back-office and risk management.

Level2Quotes table export module

This software enables dynamic output of order queues relative to predetermined instruments to the database.

Q2Q Service

The service enables access to trading systems via the server of another broker.

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