MOEX Dealing drop copy program interface

The MOEX Dealing drop copy program interface serves to deliver information about trades from the MOEX Dealing service to the QUIK server.

MOEX Dealing is a messaging system for participants of the interbank market to agree on the terms and record the status of over-the-counter transactions.

Operating Principle

MOEX Dealing allows executing the following types of trades: FX, SWAP, SPOT, TOD, TOM, SPOT, Forward outright.

The Moscow Exchange acts as the system administrator:

  • technically maintaining the system,
  • providing users with customer software for negotiating within the system and creating tickets – electronic documents containing negotiation records and the terms of trades agreed upon by the parties,
  • administering users' connections to the system and providing storage of users' negotiation protocols.

Module Functions

  1. Transmission of trades from MOEX Dealing and generation of orders for these trades.

  1. MOEX Dealing does not provide Level2Quotes tables, bid and offer prices, last trade price, and other market data on instruments.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Software

Processor Intel Xeon Gold 5118 or better,


50 GB available hard disk space.

OS Windows Server 2012/2016/2019/2022 (x64).

The indicated hardware and software requirements are minimal. With sufficient resources the interface can be installed on one PC with the QUIK server. For additional information, please contact QUIK Technical Support.

Use Options

Purchase Managed services / System backup Hosting Testing
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