Integration with External Systems

SQL requests

QORT products are used as a management system for MS SQL databases. The main way of data exchange with external program platforms is the Intermediate Database (IDB) which allows importing and exporting data in a specified format. It is fully documented and open for a read-only access. The QORT system updates data in tables by using IDB. To work with IDB, standard instruments for MS SQL are used. The intermediate database is provided as a part of the basic system package.

Requests via web-services

  1. To integrate QORT products with other data systems, the Web-services integration module is employed. An external application exchanges data by requesting of the QORT server via the Internet or a local net to export/import information.

    The use of web-services allows uploading limits to the QUIK front-office system for a new client, calculating PIT for cash withdrawal as well as performing general PIT calculation for a fixed period with further export of data to external systems.
  1. There is a separate module integrated with API NSD, and by using web-services it allows automatic upload and update of reference data on issuers, securities serviced and no longer serviced in NSD, and data on related to them corporate events of the ‘Accrued interest payment’ block’. The service uses the REST API technology. The data are transmitted via the HTTPS protocol.

Reconciliation with files

In QORT, it is possible to reconcile data with certain files (execution brokers' reports, clearing reports of exchanges, database of invalid passports, etc.). After the reconciliation, a table of discrepancies’ descriptions is generated, if any are discovered. Moreover, the information in the database can be corrected automatically. The reconciliation can be made by schedule. The reconciliation functionality is a part of the basic software package.

Direct access to the QUIK server

The QORT server is able to connect to one or several QUIK servers by means of an internal protocol. Such an integration allows exchanging data between them (including some QUIK modules equipped with separate databases: Broker quotation system, Non-Trade Instructions module, OMS Manager module, Alert dispatch module, Client questionnaire forming module) and uploading to QORT information about orders and trades, new clients; sending sms notifications; generating limits at the beginning of the trading day with their export to QUIK and online updates.

This integration additionally allows rolling over client positions in OTC trades, registering and executing trade and non-trade client instructions, calculating commissions for such operations, importing reference and market data on instruments from the Broker quotation system and OMS Manager module. The functionality is a part of the basic software package.

Call of external procedures

In QORT, there is a possibility to set additional menu items for the call of external procedures to generate reports which can be later uploaded to QORT in files or in tables. Both data from QORT and external systems can be used. The functionality is available in the additional External reports request module.

SWIFT messages

  1. In QORT, it is possible to process and send SWIFT messages. The system can automatically process messages in MT518, MT544-MT548 formats for trades, and in MT 900, MT 910 formats – for cash operations. The data are integrated into a directory of incoming SWIFT messages, with further automatic generation of settlement periods. Besides that, automatic processing is performed for requests and reports on positions filtered by accounts and counterparties (MT564, MT535) and for responses of the SWIFT messages’ operator, if any errors are detected.
  2. OQRT can generate outgoing messages in MT518, MT540-543 formats for trades with securities and internal transfer of securities, and also in MT103, MT210 formats – for cash operations, and save these messages in a local or a network folder. When generating messages for an operation, the system takes account of participants included and related to the operation and their details. This functionality allows displaying in SWIFT messages almost any calculation scheme.
  1. There is a possibility to exchange data with EuroСlear via the EasyWay web-based interface (exchange of csv files). The system automatically processes information about settlements for trades and nettings (R20, R23 formats) and corporate payments (R59 format). Outgoing files to transfer data on trades and nettings are saved as a single list (csv file in the ‘EasyWay Settlement file import’ format) in the local or network folder.
This functionality is basic for backQORT.

Integrations with providers of reference and market data via the FIX-protocol

Based on the FIX-protocol, QORT employs several integrations with databases of reference and market data providers: Reference United Data (a joined project of Interfax and NSD), Cbonds, Bloomberg, and Refinitiv. To receive data, it is necessary to use one of the news and market data modules and conclude an agreement with the information provider.
Upon the client’s request, QORT can be integrated with other external systems via the FIX-protocol (version 4.4). The integration is performed by ARQA Technologies specialists. To assess the possibility of such an integration, the specialists need to be provided with documentation for implementation of the external FIX solution (specification of the FIX-protocol version used by the partner) as well as with access to testing environment of this partner to test a resulting solution.

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