External reports request module

The External reports request module allows invoking external procedures for report generation and preparation of printed forms from the backQORT terminal. The generated report can be imported to the system as a file or a terminal table.

Main Features

  • Request of external reports from the main and context menu of the backQORT terminal
  • A possibility to use data both from backQORT and external systems
  • Arbitrary report forms
  • A possibility to simultaneously generate several reports from either one or different terminals

To generate an external report, parameters are initially set in the external report template file (*.xml), with specifying the report name and its key parameters. When the report is called with the corresponding menu item, a user is prompted to specify parameter values (to specify manually or choose from dropdown lists), following which the system activates an external application for its generation. It is possible to adjust dropdown lists and use data types unavailable in backQORT as parameters.

The module allows importing reports in two ways:

  • In xml files (in this case reports are available as a backQORT terminal table)
  • In files which can be opened by Windows applications (MS Word, MS Excel, etc.)

Usage Examples

  1. Generation of additional reports in the unified accounting system.

    If a regulator requires to account all operations and generate necessary reports in one software, backQORT allows generating third party reports (including those with data unavailable in backQORT) with their further uploading and viewing in the backQORT terminal.

  2. Generation of usual internal report forms and calculation of special indicators by using internal methods.

    If the indicators are to be calculated by non-standard formulas or methods which are classified as a trade secret (for example, PnL, mark-to-market for derivatives market assets, etc.), the calculation is accessible in the context menu or the terminal menu with a possibility to upload results to backQORT via the IDB or the Web-services integration module.

  3. Generation and printing of arbitrary printed forms prefilled on the basis of backQORT data.

    By choosing in one of backQORT tables a row which displays information on the trade, non-trade operation, etc., with the help of an additional context menu item, a staff member invokes an external procedure to generate a text document prefilled on the basis of the row chosen in the table.

  1. Sending a request for check of a counterparty or an operation by the security service.

    In the backQORT terminal, a back-office specialist can make a request for check of the counterparty or the operation by the security officers. The inquiry with the necessary information is sent to the security service data system. After the check, a corresponding report is forwarded to backQORT.

  2. Generation of settlement instructions for a trade or a non-trade operation.

    With the appropriate item of the trade’s or non-trade operation’s context menu, it is possible to activate generation of settlement instructions for the Treasury, orders or other documents. Operations with cash and securities are performed in automated banking systems later on based on these instructions. Once the settlements are made, the banking system informs backQORT of this fact, which results in generation of correspondent trade stages and execution of non-trade operations.

  3. Sending a request for the history of client interaction and data upload to the system.

    The back-office specialist requests in the CRM system for the history of interaction with a particular client, the risk profile and other documents. With the help of the external procedure, this information is delivered to backQORT in the report form or saved in a network folder.

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