QUIK digest for the second quarter of 2021

12 july 2021

Q2, 2021

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, we would like to offer to your attention the digest of the main changes in QUIK products made in the second quarter of 2021.


ICE’s Consolidated Feed has been integrated into the QUIK multi asset front to back trading and brokerage platform. This will offer the clients access to worldwide market data coverage.

ARQA Technologies took part in the 11th Moscow Exchange Forum and the “Financial Market Instruments for Corporations and SMEs: Novosibirsk Session” conference. Also, the company held the traditional 17th annual Moscow seminar for its clients and partners.

New Modules

Moscow Exchange Securities Market OTC-system trading interface

The interface provides access to OTC services (OTC-system) of the Moscow Exchange to work with exchange bonds and OTC (commercial) bonds.

New Versions of Software

For the full list of changes in QUIK software products, see the News on the company’s website.

Trading Interfaces

Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market trading interface — 12.6

  • An option was added to forward orders valid throughout the calendar day regardless of the change of the trading session’s date after the evening clearing.
  • There is a functionality to change a password to the Derivatives Market Trading system SPECTRA CGate while the Interface is being connected.

Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface (Foreign securities market) — 2.13 and Saint-Petersburg Exchange trading interface (Russian securities market) — 1.4

Both interfaces acquired an option to set home IP addresses to connect to the Exchange trading system which allows prompt Interface switching to other IP addresses if they change.

NTPro special program interface — 1.5

The interface works with classes of instruments traded with fractional numbers (small lots in cents).

News and Market Data Interfaces

Market data interface of Refinitiv (Elektron Data Platform) — 5.12

  • There is support for changes in Refinitiv related to rebranding of services.
  • The functionality setting a schedule for classes was expanded with an option which indicates cancellation of all active orders when auction periods and events occur.

QuantHouse market data interface — 7.7

  • It is possible to filter instruments based on markets and internal codes used by the QuantHouse provider for identification of the instruments.
  • Optimization steps were made in the algorithm to transmit a close price of the current day.

Bloomberg B-PIPE market data interface — 2.5

  • The interface supports transmission of market data for futures of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group).
  • It has become possible to change the collateral value for future contracts with the help of a special transaction without the need to restart the interface.

Infrastructure Solutions

Module of electronic execution of sales QUIK EES — 2.19

The main changes relate to the EES-FX algorithm:

  • it is possible to specify an instrument type in the ‘Instruments’ directory,
  • the version supports SPOT, FORWARD, and NDF instruments with an option for each instrument to set spreads and parameters which display prices in the FX plugin,
  • an option was added to execute operations in the other currency,
  • it is not necessary to set the ‘Request for RFQ-quotations’ parameter any more.

It has also become possible to link EES instruments to exchange instruments with fractional numbers.

Module of smart order routing QUIK SOR — 4.0

  • It is possible to resend limit orders for instruments classes of the ‘Simple currency pair’ type to external platforms with the ‘Put in queue’ execution term and to work with fractional numbers.
  • The Module has new modes to generate anonymous trades for SOR instruments: transmission from an exchange instrument or creation based on the best buy and sell quotes.
  • An option was added to set a schedule for external platforms which allows deactivating delivery of quotes and the resending of orders for execution to a specified platform at a certain period of time.

Bookbuilding module — 1.3

An option was added for mobile terminals QUIK Android X and iQUIK X to generate push alerts which display information about placements (available if the Alert dispatch module is used by the broker).

Integration Solutions

FIX adapter and FIX drop copy program interfaces — 3.63

It has become possible to specify a currency contract type when forwarding FX orders and requesting FX quotes.

FIX drop copy now supports transmission of reports on trades for execution of classes with the ‘REPO with CCP’ feature.

User Terminals

Risk manager terminal module CoLibri — 4.23

  • The module works with FX instruments traded in cents.
  • When sending margin calls, it has become possible to specify margin templates’ IDs included in the delivery of notifications.
  • When closing positions to a target funds sufficiency level, it is possible to specify different level values for clients with a standard and high risk level.


QUIK server software — 8.14

  • A new functionality was added to automatically update the client’s part in the QUIK Administrator user rights’ editor.
  • The report on stop orders has a diagnostics field in case of an error during activation of the stop order.
  • It has become possible to generate a report on the number of licensed transactions used by the FIX adapter program interface and limited by the number of processed transactions.


For all questions regarding the products, their terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com.

For all questions on operation of QUIK software, please contact QUIK Technical Support Team: +7-383-2191606, quiksupport@arqatech.com.

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