New version of Market data interface of Refinitiv (Elektron Data Platform) — 5.12

14 may 2021

The following improvements were made in the new version of the Market data interface of Refinitiv (Elektron Data Platform):

  • There is support for changes in Refinitiv related to rebranding of services.
  • The functionality setting a schedule for classes was expanded with an option which indicates cancellation of all active orders when auction periods (‘Closing period’ and ‘Opening period’) and events (‘Open session’, ‘Suspend session’, and ‘Restore session’) occur.

  • To fill in the ‘Vol. Today’ parameter of the ‘Quotes’ table, it is now possible to specify a source of data.
  • For a file containing a description of data transmitted by the Interface, it has become possible to set limits on transmitted information (to display all data or only the data used by the Interface) as well as to specify a size of the file for its rotation.

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