QORT digest for the third quarter of 2021

26 october 2021

Q3, 2021

Dear users of ARQA Technologies software products, we offer to your attention the digest of the main features introduced in solutions based on the QORT software platform in the third quarter of 2021.

New capQORT module

The functionality of the External reports request module has become available for capQORT and it has two main usage scenarios:

  • generation of arbitrary reports,
  • the building of integrations with external systems.

Improvements in additional Modules of QORT platform

Module of integration with Cbonds Database

For the more precise typing of bonds when uploading the data via the Module of integration with Cbonds Database, an option was added to use a country of the issuer’s registration.

Module of integration with RU DATA

  • For separate assets or whole types, classes, and kinds of assets, it is possible to block the upload of data via the Module of integration with RU DATA.
  • New types and categories of unit investment funds can be uploaded to the system.

Management Reporting Module

‘Incomes of portfolio’ and ‘Incomes of portfolio by dates’ reports of the ‘Management Reporting Module’ now display information on options.

Reporting to NSD Repository

When calculations are made via NSD, backQORT can reconcile balances of currency accounts by using the Reporting to NSD Repository. Scheduled reconciliation of incoming balances, end of day balances, and corrections is available for a current trading day or previous days for specified subaccounts. A reconciliation report can be sent by email.

Automated back-office backQORT — Solution for Banks and Investment Companies

In the 3rd quarter, new options were added to process trades of the ‘Cross currency interest swap’ type and check instructions and trades for correct matching with a possibility to automatically edit instructions’ statuses for executed trades.

Besides that, backQORT can generate some report forms of non-credit organizations for the XBRL taxonomy 4.2.

See information on other important improvements in backQORT made in the 3rd quarter of 2021 below:


New Functionality

During import of operations from the OMS Manager module, it is possible to automatically write off commissions on the trade’s settlement date and not to make records of commissions for zero volume trades.

During export of assets to the Broker quotation system, QORT uploads data on calculation bases of ACT/ACT (ISMA), ACT/366, ACT/364, ISDA 30E/360 (German 30/360), ISDA 30/360, EURO 30+/360 to calculate an accrued coupon interest (ACI). Besides that, it has become possible to transmit additional parameters: class and kind of assets.

The system can use the ‘Instruments without currency risk’ setting from the limit calculation library (LCL) of QUIK. For the assets listed in this setting (with the help of the asset’s instrument code or asset evaluation class code), a currency risk is not taken into account when calculating margin parameters if the asset price differs from the base currency.

backQORT has an extended functionality for reconciliation with data from the intermediate database (IDB) which allows reconciling trades, settlement stages, redemptions, corrections, and positions.

In case of early closure of a REPO trade for bonds, backQORT is able to automatically request the size of an unredeemed par value and ACI for a specified date from the external system via the IDB.

The system can automatically check instruments’ relevance by making reconciliation of data from a directory with the data delivered from QUIK or external systems via the IDB or the Web-services integration module. The reconciliation is made by the instrument code and ISIN simultaneously. If a new instrument started being traded with the same asset registration code or ISIN (for example, as a result of splitting or conversion), the system will automatically create an instrument with such a code in the asset directory and, for the old instrument, will register termination of trading dated the current day. Positions in QUIK will be uploaded only for relevant instruments.


New Functionality

During execution of a non-trade instruction, backQORT allows automatic change of the instruction status for ‘Denied’ if the instruction volume exceeds a preset value.


New Functionality

After reconciliation with exchange reports (SEM03, EQM06, CUX23, f04, o04, SPB03, MFB06), it has become possible to edit a status of the trade confirmation made by the broker depending on whether the trade is available in the report.

System Usability

New Functionality

Substring search is available for ‘Country code’, ‘Region’, ‘City’ fields, when creating or editing a business partner. These parameters can be filled in independently with their separate import via the IDB.

The position table and register of package payment by accounts now display a balance for accrual of a corporate payment for securities balances with account of REPO trades.

The users have a possibility to create new types of client documents. Such documents cannot be formed in printed forms. The system does not analyze whether they are available for the client.

There is a new ‘In the process of terminating’ status for clients’ subaccounts.


New Functionality

Support is provided for a new type of OTC trades – Cross currency interest swap. Data on such trades can be uploaded to QORT via the intermediate database (IDB).

For trades of the ‘Cross currency interest swap’ type, it is possible to perform settlements with a floating rate. Rates can be uploaded via the terminal or IDB. After the trading day is changed for the payment date, ‘Money transfer’ stages are automatically generated for each added payment on the basis of the calculated amount.

There is a setting which allows uploading trades executed on the Saint-Petersburg Exchange after 00:00 on the trading day which coincides with the trade’s calendar registration date but not the trading date.

Commissions and Corrections

New Functionality

A special setting prevents from writing-off of the commission which exceeds the difference between the amount of the client’s available cash and maximum volume of this client’s liabilities for future periods.

A tariff plan can be changed not only from a specified date but also from specified time of the day.

In backQORT, it has become possible to indicate which parameters (‘Number in the internal accounting system’, ‘Info source’, ‘Type of primary document’, ‘Number of primary document’, ‘Date of primary document’) do not need to be copied when generating a non-trade operation by copying.

Risk Parameters

New Functionality

A new ‘Adequacy level of funds’ parameter was added to the ‘Report on portfolio value change’ table.

When making changes in past periods, the system allows recalculating risk coverage values (RCV1, RCV2) for fixed past periods and also parameters of margin indicators (discounts, asset prices, rates, etc.). These data are saved in a separate file.


New Functionality

If the broker changed a format of print instruction forms, backQORT will generate them according to the template relevant on the instruction registration date.

The system generates OKUD 0420415 and OKUD 0420418 report forms for the XBRL taxonomy 4.2.

It has become possible to display information on planned calculations for operations and planned outgoing cash balances in the Register of internal accounting of cash and calculations for trades and operations with securities and in the Subregister of internal accounting of calculations for margin trades and operations.

It has become possible to make groups of clients and specify a name of a group without specifying certain clients during generation of a client report.


New Functionality

Global instructions were added to the mechanism of manual matching of instructions (for sub-/analytical accounts). For such instructions, it is not checked whether the instruction’s volume corresponds with its price; and the current trading day is specified in the ‘Date’ field by default. The final table displays trade orders linked to trades and registered on the trade’s date at the latest.

There is a new ‘Monitoring of instruction accounting’ report which allows checking instructions and trades for correct matching. When activating the check in the ‘Instructions in non-terminal status’ and 'Status of executed continuing algo instructions’ modes, the status is automatically edited in found instructions if the trades for such instructions have already been executed.

Middle-office capQORT — Solution for Asset Management Companies

In the 3rd quarter, the system flexibility was improved to forward pool orders – now the amount of assets can be specified in fractional numbers; and the order by volume can be forwarded without the asset price.

There are significantly extended possibilities for the limit setting. In particular, improvements were made to set limits by additional instrument features and for trades with unit investment funds of various types.

The groups of instruments, the limits will be applied to, now can be uploaded via the IDB.

See detailed information on improvements in capQORT made in the 3rd quarter of 2021 below:


New Functionality

A pool order to buy a futures-style option and a future, when forwarded via the IDB, makes it possible to calculate the maximum order volume for the asset with account of a reserved collateral and liabilities of future periods.

Reconciliation of incoming balances with data from QUIK for different execution brokers now can be timed, with separately set synchronization of data from QUIK for each broker. This will allow avoiding additional corrections in the system if brokers need different time to upload limits to QUIK servers.

It is possible to upload a structure of groups of issuers via the IDB.

Pool Orders

New Functionality

For OTC pool orders, it is now possible to specify the amount of securities in fractional numbers.

It has become possible to forward a pool order and specify its volume without price. This will allow forwarding orders via capQORT during primary placement of assets and putting non-competitive orders up for auction without prices.

When creating an OTC REPO trade after execution of the pool order, fields of maximum/minimum discounts and of a margining level type are filled in automatically.

If settlements for OTC REPO are to be on a weekly rest day or holiday, the settlement date in the pool order dialogue is highlighted in red.

Portfolio Rebalancing

New Functionality

When rebalancing portfolios, it has become possible to change prices for several assets at once. To do this, it is necessary to specify a percentage in the ‘Rebalancing prices’ dialogue window by which the price of chosen assets is to be increased or decreased.


New Functionality

There is a new limit on bonds’ yield (minimum/maximum). The bonds’ effective yield to maturity/offer is calculated online depending on the order price and compared to a preset value.

There is a new type of asset grouping - ‘By groups of issuers and cash on their accounts’ which allows combining assets and cash during the limit control.

It has become possible to set limits on an instrument rating relative to a minimum or maximum sovereign rating of several countries. Previously, limits of this type could be set relative to the sovereign rating only of one country.

The system allows controlling a share of securities of one issuer in a portfolio relative to a total volume of the issuer’s securities in circulation. The total volume of securities includes the sum of issue par values of bonds currently in circulation and shares at current market prices with account of free-float.

capQORT allows controlling limits on DFI position in accordance with the Paragraph 11 of Bank of Russia Ordinance No. 4129-U, dated 5 September 2016 (updated 20 April 2020). For this purpose, there is pre-trade control of orders with assets different from DFI.

When setting limits, it has become possible to filter financial instruments by structured product type.

An indexed par value of a bond or deposit can be uploaded to capQORT and used to filter assets when setting limits. The parameter is imported by means of the Module of integration with RU DATA or via the IDB and displayed in the full version of a portfolio organizer.

System Usability

New Functionality

To calculate ACI for bonds, the system acquired additional calculation bases: 30E+/360 and 30/360 ISDA.

The portfolio organizer allows setting display of the number of decimal figures for the size of the position in securities in the ‘Fund parameters’ table and parameters of the ‘Fund’s summary data’ table.


For any questions regarding the products, their terms of use and testing, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department of ARQA Technologies: +7-383-2191619, sales@arqatech.com

For all questions on operation of the QORT software, please contact QORT Technical Support Team: +7-383-2191699, qortsupport@arqatech.com

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