Module of integration with RU DATA

The module of integration with the database of financial instruments and issuers Reference United Data (a joint project of Interfax and NSD) has been developed to obtain and use data from RU DATA in capQORT software complexes.

The contents of received data

  • Issuers (Russian and international public companies) — name, code, linked companies (issuer groups).
  • Stocks (issuer, industry, data, number, issue series, other).
  • International and domestic bonds — issuer, registration codes (state, ISIN, CFI), number of securities per issue, par value and currency type, maturity date, etc. Bond data is ‘linked’ to issuers in the system.
  • Unit Investment Funds (types, categories).
  • Coupons (period, annual interest rate, payment schedule) and corporate events (full or partial par value redemption, coupon redemption) relevant to bonds.
  • International securities, depositary receipts, equity units, clearing and mortgage participation certificates.
  • LIBOR rates (rate, currency, maturities).
  • Investment ratings of instruments and respective issuers, underwriters (for a given date, retrospectively by relevant events) from a number of rating agencies such as АК&М, Moody’s Interfax, Standard & Poor's, Fitch, RAEX and others.
Data delivery and updates

The content from the RU DATA base is delivered automatically at set time intervals using API RU DATA.

The system would only supply information which is not yet available in capQORT or update the information which has been delivered earlier.

Technical requirements

The module is installed on the same computer as the capQORT server.

Interfax and NSD presentation:

Reference United Data (RU DATA) .pdf, 3.18 Mb


All questions concerning access to, scope and costs of any data supplied by RU DATA, are to be addressed by phone +7 495 3572077 or e-mail to

The partners in the project – Interfax group, NSD and ARQA Technologies – are willing to provide testing opportunities on request. Requests for testing may be addressed to ARQA Technologies by phone +7 383 2191619 or e-mail to

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