New version of web2QUIK module — 1.10 released

1 october 2018

The main changes in the new version of the web2QUIK module relate to client connection and authentication:

  • when a user is connected over an unprotected http protocol, the module automatically shifts communication to an encrypted http protocol,
  • there is support of two-factor authentication over the RADIUS protocol for the webQUIK Workstation and mobile terminals iQUIK X and QUIK Android X,
  • in case of user connection without rights for ‘User desktop API’ and/or for ‘РМ PocketQUIK’, the following information is displayed: ‘Connection via this type of terminal is prohibited for your account. Contact your broker’.

Besides that, web2QUIK supports encrypted private keys of SSL certificates with the possibility of specifying passwords in the setting file. The passwords can be also encrypted.

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