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26 january 2015

Results of 2014

The company’s last year turned out to be quite full of various events and projects where it actively participated as a vendor, expert, consultant or partner.

28 january 2014

Results of 2013

The year 2013 had been a full one with various events and groundbreaking projects that the company pursued in the roles of technological vendor, expert, consultant and partner.

15 january 2013

Results of 2012

Throughout the year of 2012 ARQA Technologies has been working intensively in full contact with its clients and partners on a number of principal ongoing projects. Partly as a result of this work a few new promising activity venues have appeared in the company’s portfolio.

17 january 2012

Results of 2011

The last year 2011 was marked for ARQA Technologies with intensive development of basic projects run by the company and appearance of new important ones including those implemented jointly with Russian and international partners.

29 december 2010

Results of 2010

2010 – a year of anniversary for ARQA Technologies has left. For 10 years the company has been developing complex solutions and technologies for operating at financial markets. The expiring year brought a lot of changes and events to the company.

30 december 2009

Results of 2009

In 2009 the company’s client base grew significantly. During the year 62 banks and investment companies became our new clients and started to use QUIK, 39 of them have installed the complex using their own technical facilities and 23 have used outsourcing on the facilities of ARQA Technologies’ Moscow and Novosibirsk technical centers...

29 december 2008

Results of 2008

For ARQA Technologies the year 2008 was rich in developments and changes.

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