Software as a Service

Use of main, test and training copies of QUIK front office platform as a service (SaaS).

QUIK as a Service

QUIK as a service offers the full functionality of the front-office platform QUIK. The server software and most server modules can be employed as a service. Several server modules and user applications may be deployed outside data centers with connection to the QUIK server via the Internet.

When QUIK as a service operates in the main or ‘production’ mode it is connected to actual exchange trading systems. When it operates in the test or training modes, it is connected to test or training facilities of exchanges respectively.

Cryptographic support for the SaaS version is restricted — it includes only ’Message-Pro’, ‘Crypto-Pro SCP’ and two-factor QUIK authentication.

When web2QUIK module (a web-based solution of the QUIK line) is used as a service, a broker can be differentiated by a second-level domain — https://[brokers name] A broker can place this link in a suitable part of its website. Using a broker owned domain name is also possible.

The scheme of QUIK as a Service


Q2Q bridges as a Service

A unique Q2Q service is used to set up interaction of two QUIK servers, to provide access to exchange and off-exchange trading venues through the QUIK server of another broker (Q2Q bridge national, Q2Q bridge international), as well as to internal markets and services of an execution broker (Q2Q non-trade-operations bridge, Q2Q quotes bridge, Q2Q clearing bridge).

With this service, the servers of execution and serviced brokers may either be used as a service or deployed in-house. However, Q2Q bridge service that brings them together may only be organized on the SaaS basis, and must be provided in ARQA Technologies’ data center.

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